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Articles on Motherhood
Grandparents' Interference With Discipline

Grandparents’ Interference With Discipline, Parenting Style: 5 Ways To Handle It

  Many parents look forward to becoming grandparents and often, this job description includes a bit of spoiling. However, this can come with some differences in discipline styles, and at times, interference. Here’s how to deal with it. 1.     Assess What Upsets You Take…

Talk To Your Children About Death

7 Tips On How To Talk To Your Children About Death

Do you know that talking to your children about death could whip up some emotions you did not bargain for? During devotion the other day, I found myself explaining to my girls that we will all grow old, and someday, die. On hearing this, one…

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Articles on Education
How To Prepare Your Child Emotionally Mentally For A New Class

How To Prepare Your Child Emotionally, Mentally For A New Class

Summer is winding down and before you know it, you and your child/ren will be transitioning to the start of a new school year; a new class. Resuming a new class for some kids can mean fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. To help your child mentally…

Help! My Child Doesn’t Want To Go Back To School

Help! My Child Doesn’t Want To Go Back To School

The last academic session was a roller-coaster. We had to adjust to physical classes while dealing with the very present threat of the pandemic. For some children, adjusting to this new reality was a lot more difficult than we envisaged, and we are seriously hoping…

How To Create A Summer Camp At Home

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are searching for fun and practical ways to keep your kids productively engaged this summer holiday. Not to worry, we have got you covered. Here’s how you can create a summer camp experience at home!…

Prize-Giving Ceremony

Prize-Giving Ceremony: How To Prepare Your Child For Disappointment, Failure

Imagine taking your child to their prize-giving ceremony, other kids, some of their best friends get an award, and he doesn’t. As the season of graduation and prize-giving ceremony approaches, it is expected for kids to start getting agitated, which makes it wise for you…