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Articles on Motherhood
6 things you and your husband should never do in front of children

6 Things You And Your Husband Should Never Do In Front Of Children

Children are innocent souls, who require tender love and attention at all times. Now, amidst tons of responsibilities, and deadlines, we often tend to forget that every action or reaction in front of children will have some kind of effect on the child. 6 things…

Yemisi Edun, Managing Director, FCMB

Leadership Training Will Make Female Accountants Excel – Yemisi Edun

A notable member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and Managing Director of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) (, Mrs. Yemisi Edun, has called on the foremost professional accountancy body and its affiliates to prioritise leadership development programmes for female accountants.   The MD of…

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Articles on Education
how to help a child with his homework

Best Ways To Handle Your Child’s Homework

Being involved in your child’s education, especially in the formative years is incredibly important to their success. If your child is having trouble getting their homework done on their own, or finding some particular subjects difficult, helping them learn good study habits and methods can…

infections from school

What To Do When Your Child Is Prone To Getting Infections From School

It’s impossible to protect your child from all contagious infections. What you can do, however, is to model healthy habits to help reduce your child’s risk of infections from school. 7 things you can do include: 1. Encourage A Healthy Diet Shop a variety of…

cartoon network dance challenge

Cartoon Network Dance Challenge Show: See How Your Kids Can Participate

If you’re struggling to see past the heavy cloud of dust rising around Cartoon Network this October, don’t be alarmed! That’s because the coolest kids’ channel will be turning up the volume, bumping up the beats, and serving some serious moves with the brand-new CN…

piccan back to school challenge

Win Big In The #PiccanBackToSchoolChallenge

Piccan has been in Nigeria for years and has been a trusted household name in children’s healthcare for over fifty years. When you hear Piccan what comes readily to mind is the teething formula which mothers still trust till date. Piccan Ibuprofen is another product…