how to cope with a difficult boss
Coping with a difficult boss is every career mum’s worst nightmare! In an ideal world we would all have wonderful bosses who want us to succeed (you’re right) but sorry it’s not always the case. So here are a few easy ways to cope with a difficult boss


Self –check

Yeah that is what you are reading; often times our conception about our bosses is actually wrong. Before you go marching off to the HR department and laying your complaint take out time to check yourself and ask this important question; is my attitude towards the job questionable? If the answer is yes then you just might have to do a character reboot and put in more effort to making your job a success; who knows you might just win your boss over.

Pay detailed attention to your boss’ motivation

Understanding why your boss is concerned about certain intricate and other trivial details can give you an insight about his or her management style. Try to figure out what motivates him or her and put it to good use

Be a step ahead

For very difficult bosses the key is staying a step ahead. Try to anticipate the tasks he or she expects from you and get it done well and in good time, you can go a step further by being proactive and sometimes taking up tasks assigned to other employees when you are less busy.

Set boundaries

Sometimes certain jobs come with some perks that allow for certain behaviours that do not sit well with you; setting some boundaries can give you the desired self –esteem and help you avoid difficult encounters with your boss

Identify Trigger points

If you have a boss who is a perfectionist or has issues controlling his or he anger then you should learn to identify what ticks them off and stay on guard to try and avoid or mitigate it.


One of the major issues if not the major issue we have with our bosses in this society is Punctuality, rising up early and getting to work on time puts you in your boss’ good books; take out time to plan your family schedule so it doesn’t clash with your work

Avoid future bosses

If after all has been said and done, you decide to leave and get a new job, be sure to research on your new boss and what makes them so difficult. If these character traits can be tolerated then go ahead and get that job.

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