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Articles on Motherhood
Three crowns mum of the year

Three Crowns Milk Set For 2022 Mum Of The Year Finale

Three Crowns Mum of the Year finale is here! After weeks of an intensive nomination and selection process, nominations for the Three Crowns Mum of the Year have finally come to an end. The annual ‘ Three Crowns Mum of the Year’ campaign began in…

MTN Y’ellopreneur 10 Beneficiaries

MTN Y’ellopreneur: 10 Beneficiaries Share Their Success Stories, Wins

In collaboration with the Bank of Industry, the MTN Foundation launched the MTN Y’ellopreneur, an initiative designed to provide capacity-building and funding opportunities to qualified Nigerian female entrepreneurs. In line with the MTN Foundation’s commitment to bridging the female entrepreneurial skills gap, 500 female entrepreneurs…

Fabmum Recipes
Articles on Education
Boomerang Africa Rebrands To Cartoonito Africa

Boomerang Africa Rebrands To Cartoonito Africa

Do you know that from March 25, Boomerang Africa will become Cartoonito Africa in English-speaking African countries? From that day, Boomerang will come with exciting new shows filled with more laughs, more adventures and more friends. There’s still plenty of room for long-time Boomerang favourites…

teacher - How To Improve Your Child's Performance In School. Ways To Work With Your Child's Teacher

7 Ways To Work With Your Child’s Teacher For Better Results

If you want to improve your child’s result in school one easy way is to work with your child’s teacher, as you pursue this goal. People regard teachers as a parent’s substitute. In school, they assume the role of parents, and after school hours, the…

post covid-19 back to school. How to end lateness to school. Before changing your child's school

7 Things To Consider Before Changing Your Child’s School

Deciding to change your child’s school can be triggered by relocation, the instinct to do something new, the current school not meeting your expectations for your child or just wanting a change for your child. Below are seven factors to consider before changing your child’s…

1000 Nigerian languages to learn

1000+ Must-Know Words In Languages

Research confirms that bilingual children learn faster and that learning additional languages also supports other types of learning. The cognitive benefits of bilingualism cover the entire lifespan and even include protection against some forms of dementia. It makes sense for schools to support the development…