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Articles on Motherhood
sad-black-woman-photo-courtesy-pintrest. make up with your spouse after a fight

6 Unconventional Ways To Make Up With Your Spouse After A Fight

It’s normal to have arguments with your spouse from time to time. But what matters is how you handle the situation after the fight. Here are some unconventional ways to make up with your spouse after a war that can help you heal the rift…

8 Ways to Boost Libido, And Improve Sex Life. Child Walks In

What To Do If Your Child Walks In On You Having S*x

Parenting is filled with unexpected moments and challenges, and one of the most awkward and uncomfortable situations a parent can face is when their child walks in on them during an intimate moment. While it’s a distressing experience for both parent and child, handling the…

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Articles on Education
teaching your kids to greet. How To Teach Your Child To Greet

How To Teach Your Child To Greet

As parents, we strive to teach our children essential life skills to help them navigate the world confidently and kindly. One fundamental skill that plays a significant role in building relationships is greeting others. In this heartwarming guide, we will explore a step-by-step approach to…

5 grammar clichés every Nigerian mother must prevent her child from imbibing. Teach mother tongue

How To Teach Your Child Your Mother Tongue

Language is integral to our cultural identity, connecting us to our heritage and facilitating communication within our communities. As parents, passing on our mother tongue to our children is a powerful way to preserve our cultural heritage. This article will explore the importance of teaching…

Nine Ways To Identify Good Montessori School

9 Ways To Identify Good Montessori School

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of identifying a good Montessori school that aligns with your child’s needs and values. 1.  Check For Accreditation And Affiliation Check if the school is accredited by recognised Montessori organisations such as Montessori Accreditation…

How to teach a child about LGBTQ

How To Teach Your Child About LGBTQ

How do you approach the topic of LGBTQ, and how do you educate your children about sexual orientation before others get to teach them? Do you get scared as a parent and wonder if you should sensitise your children? Absolutely yes, you should teach your…