Canon Academy Juniors

Canon Academy Juniors

Canon Academy Juniors brings a delightful experience to kids and teenagers by fueling
their interest to learn more about photography skills and their cameras which aids to further
develop their creativity with our professionally certified trainers.

Spark Your Child’s Creativity

Canon Central and North Africa is collaborating with FABMUMNG to launch Canon Academy Juniors in Lagos, Nigeria.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Through the Canon Academy Juniors students will join a small learning group of just 10 students to foster a new hobby with plenty of hands-on experience using Canon cameras by our professionally certified trainers.

We run two tailored classes suitable for your child’s needs where they will learn a myriad of photography skills whilst fueling their interest in the creative arts.

Age 6-12 years – 10:00AM – 1:00PM

  • Introduction to photograph
  • Focus & close up
  • Landscape & Framing
  • Portrait & people
  • Abstracts, Colour,  Patterns & Texture
  • Visual storytelling


Age 13-16 years -Teenagers. 2:00PM – 5:00PM

  • Introduction to photography
  • Using the Camera & its modes
  • Making great photos & composition
  • Exposure triangle
  • Visual storytelling

What Is The Duration Of The Course?

Each cycle of the course consists of 4 sessions and each session is 3 hours.
Total hours: 12 hours.

Learn. Develop. Create. Sign your child up today:

Cycle 1: Canon Academy Juniors (Kids: 7-12 years old)

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Cycle 1: Canon Academy Juniors (Teens: 13-16 years old)

To register, pls fill the appropriate form below as limited spaces are available.

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What Are The Benefits For The Audience?

  • Foster a new hobby and passion
  • Creative thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Tips and techniques of photography
  • Hands on experience with digital cameras
  • Canon Academy Juniors T-shirts
  • Canon Academy Juniors certificates
  • Exclusive camera offers
canon academy junior

Exclusive Camera Offers

Canon cameras will be given to students to use throughout the Canon Academy Juniors
training sessions during the class, but for students that are interested in learning further
and also practice in between with their own camera.

Canon Academy Juniors has a variety of special offers to be redeemed upon registration to a Canon Academy Juniors cycle.

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