How to make tom brown pap
Photo Credit: Instagram @j3pap

The thick brown powder referred to as Tom Brown pap is a very nutritious meal realized from the combination of yellow corn, millet, guinea corn, groundnut (peanuts), and soybeans.

This 5-minute cereal that is also good for adults, is an essential meal for babies especially at the stage of weaning, to have them looking plump and well-fed.

Whether, for its immense nutritional values—rich in protein, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, calcium, carbohydrate, vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, and so on, or you don’t feel like relying on shelf cereals for your child’s growth and development, here’s a simple way to prepare the stable tom brown pap for your baby:

Ingredients for preparing Tom Brown pap:

  1. Millet, (guinea corn)
  2. Yellow corn
  3. Soybeans
  4. Groundnut (peanuts).
  5. Crayfish. (optional)
  6. Dates for sweetening (optional)

How to prepare Tom Brown powder: 

  1. Get dried yellow corn and millet, remove the stones and other foreign particles amongst the corn, then roast both on fire until it turns golden brown. Don’t let it pop like popcorn, when done, remove it, let it cool.
  2. Now, roast the groundnut.  For this, the quantity will be based on how much corn and millet you used. E.g if you’re working with a Yellow corn measurement of 1 kg, groundnut measurement should be 200g while Millet & Soybean could be 500g respectively.
  3. Roast the millet and the soybean separately till they too turn brown.
  4. When done with the roasting of the soya beans, grind it softly with mortar and pestle to remove the chaff.
  5. After you let all the ingredients be for some minutes to cool down, combine all the and blend the mixture with a high-power blender or a local mill to blend, and your tom brown pap powder is ready!
  6. You can hold off on adding water and just pour it inside a dry container to preserve it.

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Preparation of Tom Brown. 

When you are ready to prepare it for consumption:

  1. Have placed on the fire to boil, then put a quantity of the tom brown powder in a bowl, add water till you realize a semi-thick paste.
  2. As soon as the boiling water reaches 100 degrees Celsius, pour gently into the bowl containing the tom brown paste, stirring as you go.
  3. That’s it! Your Tom Brown pap is ready to nourish your baby. You can serve with milk, honey, or any other sweetener you deem fit.

Not clear enough? That’s fine. Here’s a demo YouTube video to help