child on admission and things to pack in your bag
Bringing a little piece of home with you to the hospital for a child on admission is not a bad idea. [Photo Credit: Pexels]
Nearly no one wants to visit the hospital for any reason. No one wants to think about having a child on admission, but a long stay is an ultimate dread.

However, with some planning and preparation, it can be more bearable than you might think.

Child on admission? Here are 11 things to pack for your hospital stay:

1.      Medication List And Medication

The doctors will need an accurate list of all the medications or dosage details you’ve used/are using to treat the ailment.

Trying to recall the names of all the medications you’ve used prior to the hospital visit might be hard, which is why you’ll need a list.

Also, pack in your child’s bag if possible, the generic medications you know will be needed even in the hospital.

Pain killers, vitamin C, multivitamins, malaria drugs (if you’ve done a test and results said it was malaria).

Another reason for this is that the pharmacy might not carry your preferred brand of non-prescription medication, so sometimes it is best to bring everything with you.

2.      Bring A Little Piece Of Home With You 

Just the smell of your own pillow can be very comforting and play a role in decreasing stress hormones.

You probably should anyway, for a good night’s sleep.

For the same sentimental purpose, it might also be nice to pack a bedsheet/favourite blanket from home as well.

Pictures are other pieces of your home you can take along with you, especially if it looks like what will be a really long stay.

This could very well be photos of pets, family, loved ones, etc.

If your child is still a youngie, you can include in the hospital some of their favourite toys and teddy bears.

3.      Pack A Jotter And A Pen

You know how Doctors and Nurses can be. The demands of their jobs make room for them to spend a lot of time with one patient.

This is perhaps why it’s the safest option to include in your hospital stay bag, a pen, and a jotter, to well, jot things down.

You might need to write down questions for your doctors and pen down the things that they tell you.

Plus, this will also be useful even when you leave the hospital to provide a record of the diagnosis, medication, and stuff like that.

4.      Pack Headphones

Hospitals by virtue of their setup can be loud at times.

You never know when your people want to argue on the top of their voices or play music as loud as possible.

It’s not your space, so you really do not have the power to stop them.

But what you can do is prepare ahead of time for such occurrences by bringing earplugs/ headphones to faint out the noise.

5.       A New Water Bottle

This is for when you have to entice your child on admission to drink water or some other liquid, sometimes a fun vessel helps a bit.

6.      An Electric Kettle

Putting a call across every other morning to have someone bring you hot water from home might not be the most convenient arrangement.

For a less stressful hospital stay, therefore, find a way to add your electric kettle to the mix.

7.      Electronics

Is it going to be a big bag? Most likely.

Ignore the size of the bag and find a way to throw in vital electronic like phone chargers, a mini rechargeable lamp (for when you need to get up in the night), an extension cord, and any other piece you consider essential.

8.      Some Entertainment

Take something to watch or read if that’s what you like to do. Books are a good way to occupy an otherwise blurry day when you are with a child on admission.

Don’t forget your reading glasses if you use them.

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If you prefer motion entertainment, then include in that bag a laptop or tablet, Wi-Fi, and earphones.

A CD player, tablet, or smartphone with a lot of music on them is also a good alternative.

9.      Don’t Forget The Snacks

Hospital food can be hard to stomach, especially for your child on admission.

Attempt to bring food items that do not require much if any preparation and won’t go bad too quickly without refrigeration.

Beware that, depending upon the procedure, specific health conditions, or your reason for admission, this may not be recommended.

Ensure you check in with your doctor first.

Consider bringing granola bars, packed cereals, fruits, and nuts.

10.      Toiletries

Don’t forget to take along with you your body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair cream, hairbrush, body cream, deodorant, and powder.

The hospital may have some of these things, but will typically be of poor quality.

And if you are attached to a particular product, especially a luxury product like a moisturiser, you just have to bring it with you.

11.      Lite ‘Appreciation’ For Your Caregivers

The fact is: your hospital stay will be easier if the health care staff are happier.

This is why in the turmoil to leave the house and get your child restored to optimum health as soon as possible, it is important to include in that bag, something lite for the medical team.

It really doesn’t have to be anything big.

The gesture alone will warm their hearts that they were in your consideration; not necessarily the gift.

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