Several thoughts run through the minds of many mums when they want to prepare their baby’s bag for creche.

Sadly there thoughts keep coming: will your child like his/her creche center, the other kids or teacher(s)?

How will my child cope being away from me for so long? Will my child let another person feed him or her? Will he or she sleep?

As much as these questions prod your mind, the last thing you probably want is adding the worry of forgetting to include any essential in their diaper bag for creche as you drop them off.

Use our guideline to have ready and labeled, the following items before dropping them off.

1.      Diapers

Send your child to creche with a generous amount of diapers.

Although you may have a good knowledge of how many pieces (perhaps 3) that will be enough for them before pick up time, it is always better to pack in the creche bag, a number a little too many (like 7).

Better a bit too many than inadequate right?

Also, it will help to always keep a little extra in the bag you take back and forth every day in case you forget to augment the one in their bag, or a need comes up and they end up needing more on the said occasion.

2.      Wipes and cream

Some creches are as detailed as indicating the number (packs) of baby wipes you’re expected to bring weekly, monthly, or quarterly as the case may be.

If yours doesn’t, just have a pack permanently residential in your baby’s diaper bag.

Also, remember to keep an eye on it for it doesn’t run out and your child is stranded in daycare.

Now including a cream dependent on your preferences and child’s needs. 

3.     Bibs And Burp Cloths

 Purchase a full set of bibs and burp cloths that will especially be dedicated to creche, and always have one or two extra pieces of these in the diaper bag to take back and forth in case of any emergencies, as these get messy and mixed up easily. Have a mix of both small bibs for drooling (especially if your baby is teething) and larger bibs for mealtimes. Again, it will help to have your child’s own customized, to avoid any mix-up.

4.      Extra Clothes

Pack in your child’s diaper bag extra clothes, pop and or normal socks, underwear, shoes, etc. solely dedicated to the creche. Ensure to check these often to ensure they are still right for the season and temperature. In colder temperatures, be sure to send in extra outerwear including hoodies/cardigans, head warmers, thicker pop socks, etc.  

5.      Sheets, Sleep Sacks, And Swaddles

Whether or not your baby’s creche center requests that you provide crib sheets, it is always good judgment to include one and to start with one your baby has slept on for one night at home. It will help ease the transition to sleeping in the crib at daycare, as he/she will recognize the familiar scent from home. If it’s no trouble, you could throw in their swaddle and sleep sack. There isn’t such a thing a too much comfort for that baby, is there?

6.    Food And Water

These two are top essentials.

There is no forgetting to include your baby’s meal and water in your baby’s diaper bag for creche.

Meanwhile, if your child is not yet weaned, express a good amount of breast milk or formula milk for the day and if they are weaned, pack his/her food in a container or flask capable of maintaining the temperature.

7.      Plate And Cups

Remember to throw in your child’s bottles, cups, plates, cutlery, beakers and bibs. If he’s formula-fed, include sterilized bottles and his measured formula.

8.      Medicines

Simple over the counter medications (Medicines for fever, cough, etc.) should be in the diaper bag, properly labeled, with clear instructions.

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9.      Toys And Pacifier

If you have noticed your baby showing some form of fondness/attachment to a particular toy/pacifier, go as soon as you can, to purchase more of those same ones so that you’ll have one at home and the other included in their diaper bag.

 10.      Contact Details

You no doubt would have been made to tender it on registering your child. Nonetheless, it is important that you have a copy of your contact information, house, and office address and phone numbers tucked in a safe compartment inside your baby’s diaper bag set for creche. You never know. 

In Conclusion

There really isn’t anything to stress about.

Right now, it might look like too much information flying over your head, but rest assured you will quickly get into a routine of unpacking and packing the creche bag, labeling, your baby’s items as well as the name of the contents of a container and instructions if applicable.

For example, the bowl of cereal can be labeled (cereal just add warm water).

It will help to do this the night before, ahead of time so you can save yourself from the hyper morning rush and begin your day on a temperate note.

Just ensure you get a diaper bag big enough to be able to contain everything you want to pack for the baby. You’ve got this, mama!

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