Consumers Applaud Three Crowns For “Give Your Heart Out” Campaign
Three Crowns Give Your Heart Out Campaign

Consumers across in Nigeria have applauded Three Crowns milk, for the “Give Your Heart Out” campaign.

It was a campaign that wowed audiences all through the festive season.

Indeed, many mums will not forget December 2020 in a hurry.

This is because Three Crowns, the iconic low cholesterol, heart-friendly brand from the stable of FrieslandCampina WAMCO, rewarded women amazingly.

In its unique and characteristic way, the company raised the bar of consumers’ excitement.

Through the campaign, the company appreciated mothers, who are the hearts of homes and families, for their year-round efforts.

At the end of the campaign, women who won the brand’s Mum of the Year campaigns over the years and other mothers and consumers were amply rewarded for their participation in the campaign.

Winners Expressed Appreciation

Some of the winners are Mrs. Chinwe Okoroafor (Delta State), Mrs. Abigail Oluwasegun (Lagos State) and Mrs. Kafayat Salami (Oyo State).

These were the winners of the 2019 Mum of the Year campaign.

Others are: Mrs. Halimot Akande (Ondo State), Mrs. Olayemi Oladosu (Lagos); winners of the Give Your Heart Out Campaign.

They are also the winners of the Mum of the Year campaigns from 2015 (when the campaign started) to 2018 and several other consumers of the milk brand across Nigeria.

Mrs. Mary Okafor (Imo State) and other winners expressed their appreciation to Three Crowns for its consistent consumer-friendly campaigns, especially the “Give Your Heart Out” campaign.

“It’s really a great privilege for me to have the opportunity to, once again, applaud Three Crowns publicly for this campaign,” Mrs Okafor said.

Her year-round efforts were rewarded with a Christmas gift box.

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Also, Mrs. Joyce Akande (Lagos State) said that the Christmas gift box and the personalised message that came with it blew her mind.

In her words: “The gift box and the message accompanying it were most unexpected.

“They literally blew my mind.

“My kudos go to the brand, the team, and the entire company.

“They have been consistent over the years, and they should keep doing so. Their consumer base can only keep widening”.

‘Loyalty Forever’

Alhaja Tawakalitu Ahmed from Kwara State who was nominated by her daughter for the “Give Your Heart Out” campaign expressed excitement when she got a call to expect a Christmas gift.

As she explained, “I was really shocked to take delivery of the Three Crowns’ gift box and personalised message from my daughter appreciating my efforts to ensure I put food on the table for my family.

My daughter also did not expect my name to be selected because she thought some of these campaigns were manipulated.

No doubt, this is an eye-opener and a confidence builder for my family and me.”

On her part, Hajiya Halima Ahmad from Kano also expressed her joy.

“I’m simply in love with Three Crowns; everything they do comes with the health, well-being, recognition and celebration of mothers.

“No other brand does that in Nigeria. The brand has won my love and loyalty forever!”

Indeed, while excitement greeted the Christmas and New Year festivities, despite the rage of the Coronavirus pandemic, which defined the year 2020, Three Crowns milk raised the bar of consumers’ excitement with the “Give Your Heart Out” campaign.

The campaign recognised, rewarded and celebrated each mum as the ‘Heart of the Home’ all year-round.

Three Crowns Cares For Mums

Omolara Banjoko, the Marketing Manager, Three Crowns, expressed her organisation’s appreciation to all mothers and other consumers across Nigeria.

According to her, the company appreciated their participation in the campaign and their continued loyalty to Three Crowns.

“We always recognise and appreciate the fact that mums are always laden with physical and emotional responsibilities and sometimes are not appreciated for their efforts.

“Three Crowns will not stop being the only brand that cares for the well-being of mums and recognises how mums are the heart-of-the-home.

She assured mothers that Three Crowns would continue to support every mum’s heart to enable them keep the rhythm of their families going.

Leading Low Cholesterol Milk

Three Crowns is a leading Nigerian milk brand from the stable of FrieslandCampina WAMCO, Nigeria’s foremost dairy company for over 60 years.

The Company believes that milk is an essential nutrient for every individual.

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As Nigeria’s leading low cholesterol milk brand, Three Crowns has nourished mothers and their families for more than 30 years.

It offers essential vitamins and minerals that support their well-being.

Three Crowns is the first milk brand to show care for mothers. It also acknowledges the important role they play in the family.

Also, the brand believes that when mothers, as primary caregivers are taken care of, it  positively impacts the care they give to their families.

The brand has continued to encourage women to eat and live healthy, making their families happy.

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