Women ask at times if they should be responsible for initiating sex. Well, there are some questions best left unanswered as there’s no right or wrong answer. Sometimes you’re done having sex and you don’t even know who initiated it. For women who actually think they should initiate those sexual moves. Here are 10 tips to help you out.

Show enthusiasm

You don’t have to tell him you want sex it’s just too forward. Find a way of building the scenario rather than having to make sudden moves on him. The first step is actually getting the right frame of mind got sex just so you’re enthusiastic too.

Don’t overthink it

Don’t waste time pondering on it, as soon as you get the idea you need get to work immediately. You’ll be happier later and even sleep better.

Don’t be embarrassed

After all he’s your husband and you don’t need to be embarrassed around him. Rather, be free with him and show him you’re not embarrassed around him especially when you have sex. Also, Bear in mind that you’re not the only one who wants sex, he also wants it too. So don’t be shy. Just in case you’re the shy type, it’s important you work on your communication after sex. It helps build more understanding as well as a synergy between you both. Practice little things like Good morning love, I enjoyed myself last night, you made me feel great last night. It makes it easier to talk about sex even beforehand.

Don’t beat around the bush

Go straight to the point of being subtle won’t solve issues for you on time. You don’t have to be shy to ask if your husband would like to have sex before bed. Remember, it’s your right and you can demand it whenever you feel like. So hit the nail on the head, its best for everyone.

Do use your hands

Don’t like talking about sex? Well, you don’t have to. Your hands can do the magic as well. let your hands wander, come up behind him and wrap your hands around him. You can as well lead him to the bedroom but not with his hands. You can get things started without actually saying a word. Try this method it’s extremely effective.

Do be creative

Creativity is essential when talking about initiating sex with your husband. You can start the whole initiation process earlier in the day. You can text him at work “You are in for it tonight” or leave a note in his lunch box “Wanna Skor tonight?” when he see’s signs of such, he knows something is definitely going on tonight and would also come home with that impression. Don’t hesitate to wear that pretty underwear for him (not your functional underwear) for him.

Do laugh

You don’t have to be so serious just because you’re married, you can joke with your husband, flirt with him, act like teenagers and chuckle. Remember, the more laughter the more fun it is for both of you. So laugh and don’t make it all too serious.


Do be eye candy (It’s Okay!)

Instead of rocking those flannel pyjamas, why don’t you go for silk ones or put on a matching bra and panty set or go naked underneath a robe and flash him while you’re walking away and see if he follows.

Do follow through

Once you initiate the plan, ensure you follow through the whole process and make sure it happens. It’s quite disappointing promising a man and then not coming through for him. Avoid distractions that might take your mind off your plans. When he gets in say a word or two in his ears so he knows you’re actually ready for him and just I case you’ll have to forego sex for that day, there’s a need to make an early announcement.

Do be active

Finally after getting his attention, you don’t have to let him control everything. Keep the tempo you’ve been grooming earlier and don’t just lie on your back as you may give him the impression “she’s just doing this for me”. Be the aggressor for at least a bit in order to convince him you’re interested and willing to make it happen. Guide his hands and find a suitable position for yourself because when you’re active it shows you’re cool with what’s going on.

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