This is something only a few mothers are ‘brave’ enough to admit.

Our kids sometimes push us to our limits, demand more from us than we have to give. Sometimes, we are torn between keeping our dreams on hold because of our children or facing our careers.It really can be tough!
Truth be told, motherhood can be overwhelming especially for a first time mom or single mum with no form of support.

In just one hour, we can go from joyful and care-free to angry and depleted.
Some of us are just built for the emotions involved in ‘mothering’, but some of us have to work hard to not let them get the best of us. ….
And yet, once you’re a mother, you’re always a mother. At the same time, no two mothers are alike or should be alike.

So, to all the mothers who doubt themselves or wonder if you’re a good mum, I’m guessing you’re already a good one. Because the fact you’re taking the time to worry about it, shows how much you care about your children, which comes naturally to all mothers.