Hygiene education for kidsHave you considered giving your kids necessary hygiene education?

Did you know that a good hygiene habit can save you so much troubles?

Children are free and energetic, getting into all kinds of activities. Some are productive while others can be harmful to their health.

But with the right protection and proper hygiene education, your mind is at peace.

This also gives you assurance that they are safe.

Really, a good hygiene education is very important for so many reasons.

Indeed, it is easy to get children to adhere to good hygiene practices at home where parents can keep a protective watch on them.

But what happens when they are out on the playground, at a friend’s house or school?

The school, especially, is a hotspot for germs and infections that are easily transmitted.

Focus On Handwashing With Soap

Remember that many children come into contact with one another; and it only takes one child who does not follow good hygiene habits, to potentially spread infection to many.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 1.5 million children under five die each year as a result of diarrhoea, making it the second most common cause of child deaths worldwide, and top on that list is Nigeria.

That’s why since 2010, Dettol has educated millions of school children across Nigeria on  good hygiene practices, with a strong focus on handwashing with soap.

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This has been achieved annually, through partnerships with Hygiene instructors, teachers and parents.

The education programmes are fun, engaging and interactive for the children.

Good hygiene information that is important for school children to learn, because it helps protect children from illness and promote better health for all the family.

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