mummy summit digitalMummy Summit Digital is an online conference that empowers, connects and serves African Mothers. You should be part of this year’s conference that will hold on June 26.

Last year’s event was a huge success which received an incredible reception not only in Nigeria, but all around the world.

That edition had over 1,200 attendees from 14 different countries, making it the biggest Digital Conference for mothers in Sub Saharan Africa.

Indeed, this year promises to be even better and engaging for mums from all walks of life.

4 Exciting Panels Of Mummy Summit Digital

The conference will feature four exciting panels that will focus on: Mummy and Taking The Leap, Bossing Up After Babies. Panelists will discuss how mums can turn their Passion into Profit.

Other panels will discuss Mummy and Finances – Becoming a Savings Savant in Uncertain Times.

Mummy and The Wait – An open and honest conversation on remaining whole and centered, through the struggles of Trying To Conceive and Baby Loss

Most importantly, parenting in our time has changed, with the growing participation of children on different internet platforms.

As a result, part of the discussions will be Mummy and Modern Parenting – Four Mums, Four Perspectives, One Goal.

It is a vital aspect of the conference and this is because motherhood looks different for everyone.

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Also, they will examine parenting in both Traditional and Non Traditional Family Structures.

Interestingly, Mummy Summit Digital will feature some of the most incredible and influential mothers in Nigeria from every sector and walk of life.

They will all explore the lives and needs of the African Millennial Mother.

You don’t want to miss this Summit. Kindly save the date.

Date: 26th of June 
Time: 1:30PM- 6PM
Location: Zoom.

Mummy Summit Digital is proudly sponsored by

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While is is free to attend the conference, there is need for you to register.

To sign up, please, visit