Top 8 free parental control appsOur list of top 8 free parental control apps will come in handy as the Coronavirus lockdown bites harder. Let’s dive in. Shall we?

                   FreePhoneSpy  (Android and iOS)

One of the most famous and renowned free parental control application is FreePhoneSpy. With over 150 features, you can easily monitor all the activities of your kids. In addition to the powerful features for effective monitoring is available on FreePhoneSpy, the user interface is super friendly and very easy to comprehend.


  •         Restrict screen time and easy monitoring
  •         Track SMS messages and calls
  •         Monitor all social media activities
  •         Real-time tracking of location is possible using the panic button
  •         Blocking of all the inappropriate online activities is possible automatically

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 FamiSafe kids control app   (Android, iPhone, iPad)


The FamiSafe app is specially designed to combine all the features required for a standard parental control.FamiSafe seems to be the best Parental Control app as it has all the features that are expected by the users and it could be jointly used by both the parents and kids.


  •         Screen time control
  •         Web filtering and app blocker
  •         Geo-fencing and location tracking
  •         Web filtering
  •         Setting up of smart parental control option


                 Kaspersky safe kids   (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and nook)

At the top of the game of free parental control applications, is Kaspersky safe kids. The safe kid version is preinstalled into the app so as to monitor all of the digital platform activities. The powerful features allow users to monitor well via a comprehensive report system.


  •         Track SMS messages and all calls
  •         Restrict screen time
  •         All social media activities can be monitored
  •         Using the panic button GPS location tracking is possible in real-time
  •         Inappropriate and adult materials present on the internet can be automatically blocked
  •         Other than Android, it supports iOS, Windows, Mac, and nook operating systems.


                         GuestSpy (android, iOS, and mac)

GuestSpy is another free parental control apps that takes pride in offering innovative and interesting features to its users. Once the application gets preinstalled on your device, it provides an outstanding and groundbreaking interface for easy monitoring. Your child’s activities get tracked regardless of the fact where they wander into the digital space. 


  •         You will be able to view the entire contact list, SMS messages and all the calls on your child’s device.
  •         Ambient voice recording
  •         Viewing of all the messages remotely is also possible
  •         GPS tracking
  •         You will be able to monitor all the photos, videos and music shared on social media
  •         Geo-fencing capabilities make real-time tracking possible

               TheTruthSpy  (Andriod and ios)


This application is used not only to monitor kid’s activities but also to manage them in case-parent find something inappropriate. Getting engaged with this application is easier and the reward system makes it a highly useful app among the users. 


  •         The installation process takes five minutes
  •         Setting up of custom schedules
  •         Remote accessing of the messages and features


             Net Nanny   (Android, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Kindle and Chromebook)

Are you in search of an excellent control application that is solely designed for the parents? Then Net nanny may be the best for you. The professionally developed software is super powerful and reliable, and internet management is user friendly with juicy feature offerings. 


  •         Customer notifications and alert
  •         Control the suspect device remotely
  •         Absolute internet filter
  •         App time management and screen restriction is possible
  •         Online content blocking is possible automatically



     Norton parental control     (iPhone, Android phone, Windows and Mac.)

The Norton family premier app is another top 8 free parental control app that is easy to use. You will be provided with tools that make spying or tracking of your kids’ gadgets easier. If you wish to know why it is so famous and leading in the industry then you need to visit the official website.


  •         Setting up an online search keyword is possible
  •         Internet security (anti-virus)
  •         You will be able to collect data from social media sites
  •         Protection of all the personal information related to the kid is possible
  •         Track all the messages and calls held from suspect device
  •         Online web time supervision is allowed



                      Screen time limit kidCrono  (iOS)

If you are seeking for a parental control application built or developed especially for Android users, then screen time limit kidCrono is for you. The app teaches you how you can monitor kid’s activities easily without acquiring any prior knowledge online. The limit screen option is provided so as to put a barrier on the sites that you deem not appropriate for your kid.


  •         Track calls and SMS messages
  •         Complete screen control starting from the swap, pause, start, and schedule option is available
  •         Feature editing warning is given to the users
  •         Online web time supervision is allowed
  •         Restriction for certain websites is allowed



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