How to make your child eat fruits,veggies

How to make your child eat fruits, veggies? This is a common concern and question for many parents. Nevertheless, some mums have gone down this path before, and they conquered. To get your children in the habit of munching those nutritious fruits and veggies, they suggest you:

 Find ‘less herbal’ alternatives

When you are trying to introduce fruits and veggies to your kids, it’s advisable that you start with sweeter options. This means that carrots, spinach, lettuce, pumpkin, and other sweeter options should come first.

Other vegetables like broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, arugula, kale, etc. shouldn’t frequent their plates. But this doesn’t mean you should let go of them completely. You shouldn’t encounter any challenges with giving them fruits but when shopping for veggies, especially when you’re at this stage of trying to get your young ones to be cool with them, be sure to go for less herbal/less bitter alternatives.

Apply Butter

Everything tastes better with butter; yes, I said it. On this quest to getting your kids falling heads over heels in love with fruits and veggies, mask the sourness, blandness, bitterness or whatever other taste with butter. So if you are asking how to make your child eat veggies, fruits, this tip comes in very handy.

On the bright side, butter is also a nutritional essential. Not only does it contain vitamins A, E, and D3, which are important for growing kids, the added fat helps their little bodies absorb the vitamins from the vegetables.

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Serve the Veggies First

So, I’m not suggesting that you starve your kids; but replacing cookies and candies with fruits and veggies, and targeting when they are really famished, might do the trick. Have a plate of maybe avocado, carrots and pineapple strategically set, so it’s the first thing they see as they walk in from school and won’t think to ask for anything else. This could also make a fine ritual if you think about it.

Pick Your Own Produce

Locally grown and fresh-picked vegetables from your farm/garden taste a thousand times better, more nutritious and more visually appealing than the ones in stores. Besides, Children are shown to be more interested when they have a hand in choosing or preparing it. Hand-picking your own produce with kids will enable them to learn about the process from start to finish, and they may be more inclined to eat their creations. They could even help you out in combo suggestions.

Launch a Good Setup

I do this with my four-year-old, and it works like magic because it answers the question of how to make a child eat fruits and vegetables?! All the time. As human beings, we are wired to loathe the feeling of being left behind or ‘not among’. Oh, yeah, kids neither. So, tap this stereotypical behavior to get your kids to eat more vegetables. Send your child to a friend’s or a relative’s for dinner and inform the host of your grand intentions. The peer pressure of watching the other kids eat their vegetables just might encourage your kid(s) to finally see the light in munching fruits and vegetables.

Have them in soups, stews, etc.

Bury those fruits and veggies in your stews, soups, pies and whatever else, as you cook. You could puree, grate, or slice them in. They add flavour and nutrients, and your kids will never know. Also, never underestimate the power of going to the grocery store or vegetable market with your child and let him or her help pick out the vegetables. When children help decide what they are going to eat, they often don’t object when it ends up on their plate.” Plus, this is a sneaky way to teach them how to shop and pick good fruits and vegetables.

Make a two-or-One Deal

Get your child to take a deal that guarantees you a win no matter what they pick. You can come up with an offer like cucumbers or carrots or both. So, no matter what it is they end up deciding, it’s a win for you. You’ll be surprised at how often your kids will opt for both for the simple reason that they could decide.

Practice what you preach

Be a positive role model by eating healthy yourself. Even if they are not into those fruits and veggies as much as you’d like, be rest assures it will only be a matter of time before they have their hands extended towards you and fighting to get it off your hand into their mouth, and telling tales of how they want to grow up and be like their mum, who loves consuming fruits and veggies.

Puree the Veggies

Serving those fruits/vegetables as smoothies may be the secret to getting kids to eventually consume more. Several studies have reported that children nearly double their consumption of vegetables on days when they are served pureed vegetables instead of whole vegetables. Try blending A handful of washed spinach (Ugwu) leaves, 1 medium-sized chopped apple, 1 medium-sized chopped cucumber, ½ tsp of ginger, Crushed ice cubes (optional), and 1 cup of low-fat/greek yogurt to mellow the taste of the spinach.  OR 2 whole oranges (peeled), 2 whole carrots, 1 plate of diced pineapples, ¼ tsp of turmeric or ginger (for spice), 1 cup of water or low-fat yogurt (base), Crushed ice cubes(optional)


Be Patient

If your kids are not quite accepting to eat vegetables or fruits, don’t throw in the trowel. Research says it may take 10 or more exposures to a food before children feel comfortable trying and accepting it.

Just keep offering the vegetable at different meals and in different ways without pressuring my kids to taste it or like it. You will be surprised they’ll be the ones asking for it in the long run. It might also help to have fruits washed, cut up and in plain sight on the kitchen table/in the refrigerator for a quick, easy snack.

I hope this post answered your question: How to make your child eat fruits and vegetables?If it did, don’t forget to send us a mail or drop a comment below

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