Natural Home Cough, Catarrh and cold recipe

Do you know that there are great natural remedies for cough that will give you excellent relief? Just read to the end. 

Cough, cold catarrh are symptoms that go hand in and, several times, cough and cold occur as a result of cold.

These are not strange symptoms and many households have had to battle them at one time or the other, especially for children.

Relying on medicines or conventional ways to treat cough, cold and catarrh is not a bad idea but there are better ways of going about the treatment. The best treat is the natural treatment which means using homemade and natural remedies.

When cough and catarrh affect little children, their parents also undergo stress, if the child is a toddler and is yet to speak, ties can become worse. Even as adults, cough, and catarrh are not symptoms that people embrace, everyone hates them because they leave the victim uncomfortable and sometimes lifeless during night times.

There are natural remedies for cough and catarrh, mostly roots and herbs. Not only are these herbs harmless, but they have also proven to be potent in the treatment of cough and catarrh over the years. Also, these natural remedies have no health risk, so you can be sure of no side effects when you administer them to children.

Next time you need to treat your children for cough and catarrh, you should try out homemade or natural remedies and you would be surprised at how effective they are. Below are some natural remedies for treating cough, cold and catarrh;

  1. Drink warm water

It may be surprising to find this as No 1 on the list but this is important. Usually, it is recommended that when people, water kids or adults have cough and cold, they should take enough fluid to keep themselves hydrated. When you notice that your kids have a cold, let them drink warm water often, this is the first step. If the cold has not developed into cough and catarrh, drinking warm water helps to prevent them.

Another effective therapy for cold and cough is to gargle warm water with salt. Saltwater gargle helps to clear the throat and relieves cough. Hover, little children might not be able to gargle the water, but with care and attention, you can show them how to gargle and they follow suit.

  1. Drink ginger tea or eat ginger root 

Ginger is a phenomenal herb that helps treat many infections and ailments, it is also good for treating cold and cough. You can either eat ginger roots or take ginger tea, whichever way you prefer it. Within a short period of taking ginger tea, its potency and health benefits will be felt. If your kids are suffering from cough, honey is a must-have as it is one of the most effective remedies.

  1. Take honey 

Honey is a natural remedy for many ailments or sicknesses, cough is one of them. Many studies have revealed the effectiveness of honey when it comes to treating coughs. If your toddler is suffering from cold and cough, you can make a honey tea for him or her. This will relieve the child of the cough and also aid sound sleep.

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However, it is recommended that honey should not be given to kids less than 1 year given the fact that their immune system is not strong enough to resist certain bacteria that can be contacted from pure honey.

  1. Take a mixture of lemon, honey, and cinnamon

When you mix a bit of lemon juice, honey and cinnamon, you get a powerful remedy for cough and cold. Taking this mixture helps to soothe the chest and throat and relieve cough. You can administer this mixture to children two times a day for fast results.

  1. Give your child a chest rub

Chest rub is an effective way to relieve chest pains that comes with cough, it also soothes the chest and aids fast recovery. You can also use balm or ointment for the chest rub.

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