How to be an intentional mum
Have you ever wondered how you can become an intentional mum? If you have, not to worry, after reading this article you will be on the way to being an intentional mum yourself.

1.      Use A Planner

Thanks to 21st-century creativity and innovation, you can now structure your time in a way to get as many tasks completed, but also with enough white space and dedicated time for the things that matter: quality time with your spouse and kids, and your self-care.

Because the truth is: we all need routine and structure to our day.

And no, you won’t be the first to think you can house this “routine” all inside your head when the fact is that you need something to help you focus and schedule your time as a mum, wife, business owner, daughter-in-law, friend, and create space for self-care.

This is where a productivity planner comes in.

Sojourning down the path of being an intentional mum is realising that having a written down plan for your daily activities is key to living the richer and fuller life you deserve.

2.      Schedule Daily Quiet Time

For me and many other mums, I’ve been privileged to speak to, this is critical to the success of our days.

Really, 15 minutes of daily quiet time, where you meditate to plan your day/reflect on the day you just had will, if not anything, give you a sense of control over the events of your life and how they unfold.

It will help you dictate the things you want featuring in your day. Above all it will ensure you are not floating through life and having things thrown at you from whatever direction.

3.     Focus On The Necessary

It’s no news that so often, we let our motherhood be defined by the things that aren’t done or what is missed, or all that we think we should be doing.

This is because more often than not, we get caught up in running after too many things – the milk that just spilled, brushing your baby boy’s hair, meeting up with classes, their lunch, your job; and tend to forget that not all things are necessary at every given time.

Learn to prioritise, focus on the necessary, allocate chores, and pay for the comfort you can afford.

Besides, the important things are often the little things in life.

Breakfast made.

The time spent driving and singing in the car.

Movie dates with your kids. The family preparing a dish together and playing in the yard.

Showing up to rehearsals. The ‘thank yous’, and the thumbs up.

Start to look at your life with a lens that picks out the moments that really matter every day.

4.      Start New Every Morning

Start new every morning, and set your intentions for each day.

Yesterday was yesterday; it’s gone now.

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Pick the worthy lessons from it, and rather than cling to the things that didn’t work out, use them as a springboard for today.

In the same light, do not define your spouse, your workers/co-workers, or your kids by the mistakes and trials that happened yesterday as well.

Extend the same grace to them. do this for them, but especially for you and your mental health.

In fact, it will help to set yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly intentions, if possible.

Set a time of the day each day, to revisit this list. Also have an accountability partner to keep you on your toes (in a good way).

Depending on the unique modalities of your life, it is very possible that things happen very fast in your industry and you’ll need to update your list as often as possible.

For this, it could help to set the intentions for what you want to achieve the next day, minutes or hours before your bedtime.

And yes, even this list is tweakable.

But it will give you sort of a roadmap to your daily itinerary.

5.      Commit To Your Growth

Give yourself something to hold on to whenever you look back in hindsight, and look forward to, each waking day.

This could be you working towards a promotion in the office or working at strategies to attract investors. It could be about expanding your business or taking professional courses online.

Furthermore, it could be just reading, learning a new skill or language, etc.

Just about anything to make you feel like your life is more than just cooking, cleaning, and being a mother. The truth is, your life really is.

Many mums testify that it wasn’t until they really started paying attention to their personal development, that they discovered how out of balance their lives were, and room for more intentional living.

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