Creativity-themed culinary reality show, Taste2Fame, has launched into the Nigerian airspace.

This show brings with it an opportunity for food enthusiasts and cocktail mixologists to showcase their creativity.

All they need to do is to create original recipes and new dishes out of existing ones.

With an impressive lineup of judges led by the legendary Iyabo Lawani, Taste2Fame sets the stage to showcase the culinary skills and creativities of 14 contestants chosen from different states across Nigeria to compete for the grand prize of N10,000,000 (ten million naira).

According to the Executive Director, Chris Moweta Taste2Fame, the show will task contestants on professionalism, creativity, versatility, presentation and dynamism.

In addition, the show will explore foods and drinks across Nigeria and beyond, create new recipes from existing ones and give viewers something to salivate about every single episode.

Call For Entry To Taste2Fame

He said: “Because we have immense respect for our prospective audience, we are presenting to them a show that will showcase excellence in every sense of the word. From stage design to lighting, costumes, cinematography and programming, Taste2Fame will give the audience a real spectacle to behold.

“Before now, there have been contests involving mixologists, but they have always been on a relatively small scale, and they have definitely never been at a national level.

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“For the very first time in any show in Nigeria, we are giving mixologists national relevance and we are giving them equal opportunity to win big prize monies.

“Two ultimate winners will emerge to claim the star prizes. The chef and the mixologists will be recognised and rewarded equally”.

Taste2Fame will air for five weeks in November on select stations across Nigeria.

Calls for entry opens from August 26th and closes October 20th.

Interested participants can log on to the website to register.

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