What to pack in a diaper bag for creche/fabmumng.com
Are you wondering what to pack in your child’s bag for crèche or even for an outing? Cheer up mama as even veteran mums sometimes face this dilemma. Aside from packing a diaper bag for a day at creche, there are some other items that you must prepare ahead of time. Beyond milk and fresh diapers, there are so many items that need to be included in your child’s bag for creche. It is always better to pack your child’s bag at night, label it with his/her name, as well as the name of the contents of a container and instructions if applicable. For example, the bowl of cereal can be labelled (Cereal just add warm water)

The following tips contain a guideline of what you need too pack in your child’s bag for creche as well as simple tips that will cut your morning rush hour by half.
Diaper Bag: This is where everything goes in; this bag should be able to contain everything you want to pack for the baby. Some bags are even made multi purposes.

  1. Diaper: Pick a number of diapers that you know your baby will need, but if you don’t know how many diapers your baby will need per day, just pack about six. It’s better to send too many than not enough!
  2. Wipes: Some crèches might indicate the number of packs to bring in monthly, but when they don’t, put a pack baby wipes in the diaper bag.
  3. Extra clothes: Keep extra clothes, socks, underwear, etc. in the bag. Try to buy a separate set of bibs just for daycare. Include both small bibs for drooling (especially if your baby is teething) and larger bibs for meal times.
  4. Food and Water: Some creches provide these while some do not. So, pack your baby’s meal and water. If your child is not yet weaned, express enough breast milk or formula milk for the day and if the child is weaned, pack his/her food in a container, capable of maintaining the temperature.
  5. Plate and Cups: Pack your child’s bowls, plates, cutlery, beakers and bibs. If he’s formula-fed, pack sterilized bottles and his measured formula.
  6. Medicines: Easy go-to medications (Medicines for fever, cough, stomach pain, etc.) should be in the diaper bag, properly labeled, with instructions.
  7. Toys and pacifier: Some children have a specific toy or pacifier that they are fond of, if you can, buy two of the same, one for crèche, one for home use.
  8. Contact details: You must have dropped it on registering your child, but have a copy of your contact information, house address and phone numbers tucked in a safe compartment inside the bag.