A few days ago, a Nigerian doctor via his twitter handle, shared the story of how a husband connived with his doctor to remove his wife’s womb because he doesn’t want her to have more children. This happened in Festac town, Lagos.

According to the husband, himself and his wife agreed to have just three children but now they have five. After the birth of the 5th child, he connived with the doctor to remove her womb without her consent. He said he cannot see himself using a condom to have sex with his wife. The wife has also stated previously that she doesn’t like taking birth control pills because they make her bloated.

Days after, the hosts of TVC’s show, The View, discussed the issue and one of the presenters, Tope Mark-Odigie, was of the opinion that as long as a woman has gotten married to a man traditionally, he has the right to do whatever he wants to do with her.

According to her, it is the culture that we practice. She stated that traditional weddings have been created to give the impression that a woman is being bought by a man.

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