5 Types of Wigs Every Mum Should Have
Different types of wigs

A good hair is a woman’s best friend. It is an age-long confidence boost, saving lives looks since time immemorial. Wigs are bringing a new dimension to the whole thing.

On some days, a great wig is the magic button you need to switch up your looks from a 10 to 100.

You could be forgiven for not having the time to put a pause on your long list of mum duties to step into a hair salon for a proper hairdo, but not exactly for not having a great wig to step in for you.

So, in no strict order, these are the types of wigs every mum should have on stand-by in their dressing rooms:

1.      Straight Wig

Straight wigs are traditionally the most versatile and accommodating of all wig types.

This is so, because they come without any pre-styled patterns, giving you the freedom to style to your taste or leave them be, and still look all shades of gorgeous.

Depending on the occasion or your preferences, you can get them layered, apply some heat and curl them up, or converted to a bob wig when you feel like.

2.      Curly Wigs

Curly wigs are the wigs of the classy and bougie mums.

Plus, news from the hair industry is that they are actually the most sought-after wigs right now.

These beauties of wigs come in beach waves, loose waves, tight curls, and more.

You can get an already made one from any authentic wig shop, or buy any lovely curly hair of your choice in the market and give it to your hairdresser who will turn it into a wig for you so you can wear it whenever you want to make an appearance.

3.       Kinky Wig

Kinky wigs were made for mums looking to rock a bold and powerful look any day, anytime.

They are your go-to for maximum convenience, especially if you’re a mum who’s always busy.

The best part is that very little is required to maintain this wig choice.

4.      Blonde Wig

This is the ultimate wig to change your look as it helps you make a great fashion statement.

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Blonde wigs help to jazz up your style as they help exude the aura of confidence and sophistication.

5.      Pixie Cut Wig

This wig is the answer to change your look from simple and basic to stylish and trendy.

Wearing a pixie cut wig is the easiest way to add youth and glam to your appearance.

They come with a modern flattering cut for an edgy, urbane appearance, and a must-have for any fashionable mum looking for a fun or chic short style wig to rock.

This wig comes in a wide selection of colours and cut styles and surely suits all age range as it is known to ooze some youthful energy into your look.

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