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Saving money when grocery shopping for your family is one of the many challenges mums frequently experience. 

And as your family’s meal provider and chef, grocery shopping can consume a serious chunk of your time and cost quite a lot. That is if you fail to shop right and smart.

In this article, we will be showing smart ways to save money on groceries, food items this period, and even beyond.

Let’s dive in.

Keep An Organized Pantry And Fridge

Before you even set foot in the grocery store, effective shopping starts in your own kitchen. Maintaining a well-organized pantry helps you know exactly what you need each week—and what you don’t.

Try designating shelves of the pantry and fridge for specific types of food items.

Perhaps canned goods go on one shelf, while snacks go on another, baking materials go on another, etc.

Then label these categories so that everyone in the family can stick to the setup. When foods are easy to locate in your home kitchen, it’s far simpler to “shop” your existing food stores.

Make A List And Stick To It

When the week’s meals are planned out, it’s time to make your master list of ingredients. To stay extra focused while shopping, you might even arrange your list according to the layout of the store(s) you intend to visit, with items grouped by section of the store. Then commit to sticking to it! 

Avoid Waste. Buy Only Necessary Items

When shopping this season, ensure you buy only the necessary items that will help you save costs. For instance, when shopping for your beverages, you may want to buy items that already come packaged that can serve several purposes. A typical example is Peak Chocolate big pouch (family size). Since I found this product, you don’t want to know how much I have saved from buying milk. Why? You may ask? 

This fantastic product already contains loads of peak milk. This means that if you purchase a pack for your family, you no longer need to buy milk or even sugar because it already contains them in the right quantities.

No matter what you’re having it with (tea, pap, snacks), whether you’re taking it with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, your kids will absolutely love the delicious and sweet flavour. You can also bake with it. Peak Chocolate power is also rich in 28 vitamins, nutrients, and proteins essential for strong bodies and sharp minds. It can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Always Have A Plan

You don’t have to follow the one you pasted on the kitchen door, but you must plan your meals even if only in your head at least a day in advance, preferably, plan the week’s meals on weekends.

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Do not let your kids miss out on Jollof rice on a busy morning. You can make Jollof rice sauce as well as other soups and vegetables in large batches and freeze.

Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk is cheaper but it also helps when you have needed groceries handy when needed. If you also use spices as much as I do, you will agree that dried ground spices will help you save some time you would have spent peeling ginger, turmeric, or garlic.

But remember, that for some like herbs, spices, or condiments, you may not need a large supply, so be wary of purchasing these in bulk. Likewise, only buy large quantities of those items you know you’ll use before they expire.