To get you started creating self-care habits, here are some of my favourite ideas.

5 minutes.

Make a cup of tea

Sit quietly with your eyes closed

Lay down on the sofa.

Play your favourite song and listen to it on your phone/laptop

Read an encouraging verse

Lock yourself in your room/toilet and meditate.


15 minutes

Take a walk

Call a friend

Savour a nice long shower


Take a book break

30 minutes or more.


Sit and read a book with your child.

Watch cartoon with your child.

Do some stretching and deep breathing.

Have a digital detox (turn off your phones and connect with those that matter most.

Go on a girls night out

Date with spouse

Have a nap no matter how short.

Schedule a medical checkup

Go shopping.

Schedule a spa date @biyouspa

If you need to schedule time in your day to make sure you fit some of these in, please do it. I just began a daily exercise routine and I have to put it on my calendar for daily reminders.  It is the best thing I have done for myself and my family, you should do the same. Because you can’t pour from an empty cup mama!
It’s a new month mums, please do better