Being in between sizes can arise for so many reasons, but for us moms it is mostly because of childbirth.

Agreeably, it is a no-brainer that shopping during this period is not a great option.  This will help you avoid the frustration that goes with outfits that are either too big or too small.

In today’s article, I am highlighting six (6) styling tips for moms that highlight pieces that every mom can wear or buy during this period, pending when the  size normalises.

If you are slightly curious, then you need to scroll to find out what these items are.

1.     Oversized Blazers

Oversized Blazers

Oversized blazers are called oversized for a reason, they are not fitted pieces.

Hence, whether you find yourself losing or gaining some weight, there would be room to accommodate either ways and less stress in getting dressed.

This is  because the outfit  will most likely appear the same.

2.      Buttoned Down Shirts

Buttoned Down Shirts

Button-down shirts are classy staple pieces commonly with a loose- fitted vibe  that works for all body types/shapes.

Hence, because of their loose-fitted nature, they automatically provide room for adding and losing extra pounds, all they need is to be styled creatively.

Great stylish ways include; French tuck, half tuck, as a layering piece, etc.

3.      Camis

Camis styling for moms

Camisole tops vary, but for the purpose of this article we are going to stick with tiny stripes commonly known as spaghetti tops and silk cami tops.

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Personally, the spaghetti tops are a great option because of their stretchy nature; and the silk sleeveless camis because of their loose-fitted nature, hence, making them great options for your inner layering pieces and stand alone pieces too.

4.      Elastic Flared Skirts


The reason these are a great choice is simply because they are non fitted, thus they make room for different sizes; and the elastic band accommodates an increase or decrease  around the waist area. Simply perfect!

5.      Wrap Dresses

@edaowofashion fashion for women

When it comes to dresses, one of the most accommodating dresses are wrap dresses, because they can always be tied in such a way that brings comfort to the person wearing it- no matter the varying sizes.

6.      Tees

Tees Fashion for women styling tips for moms

This is one of the amazing styling tips for moms that is sexy.

For tees (either graphic or plain), the loose-fitted ones are preferable, the major thing to focus here is  how they are being styled.

Thus, whether they are being styled with jeans, flared skirt, blazers ,dresses etc. they will always accommodate your new size.

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