5 Style Secrets Of Busy MumsWith amazing style secrets, mums can rock their body even after childbirth and stull look the best.

Motherhood has a way of calming and making women more focused, goal oriented and most especially ‘busy’.

Without a doubt, multi-tasking and problem solving are two of our best assets at home.

But, even amidst our plenty of activities, we find that some women seem to have it all figured out when it comes to their style while some don’t.

It is no secret that most mums struggle with their style identity after child birth, which is commonly attributed to changes in our bodies, cloth sizes and oftentimes, lack of time.

With all that being said, I thought to share five (5) style secrets of busy mums and how they have been able to find the right balance with their style and their busy schedules.

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1.     Always Opt For Comfort

Busy mums opt for comfort when choosing their looks. Gone are the days of fashion expression like “fashion is pain’ or ‘suffer for fashion’ and the likes.

Rather, busy mums think about themselves by saying no to items that make them feel any discomfort.

comfort for style For instance, going for kitten heels rather than a 4 inched shoe, or picking mum jeans over leather pants and so on.

The goal for them is to make comfortable fashion choices and still look stylish and confident while at it.


2.      Keep Colours Minimal

Deciding and matching different colours can be a bit tricky and nerve wrecking for a busy mum.

Hence, they opt for a minimalist style, by keeping colours in their wardrobe as minimal and neutral as possible.

The goal behind this option is to make pulling looks and combining a lot easier.

On the other hand, the advantages of this position  is that it makes them look classy and stylish, it is also a sign of maturity and boldness, hence it works for them perfectly.

style secret - use minimal colour

3.      Always Accessorize

Wearing nice clothes they say takes a look from 0-50%, and accessorising takes the outfit from 50% – 100%.

Accessorising is one of the essentials of putting together a great outfit, however for busy mums, they opt for the principle of ‘less-is-more’, and whilst doing this they invest in simple quality staples accessories that  transitions through different seasons.

Always accesorise

4.      Uniform Winners

Uniform winners are those outfits that we love, giving us that confidence when we wear them, they are sometimes also versatile enough to serve us for different types of occasions.

Accordingly, busy moms have lots of uniform looks in their arsenal to help them get ready in a timely and fashionable manner.

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Good examples based on individual  personal style include  buttoned down white shirts, different coloured bottoms, basic tees + jeans, black dresses etc.

Whatever they opt for they are always sure of an overall confident look.

uniform winners - style secret for mums
@edaowofashion,  @mrs_pius

5.      Wear Less Makeup

There are a thousand reasons why women love to wear makeup- from boosted confidence, to enhancing appearance, skin protection, perfecting photos etc., definitely wearing makeup is worth it.

However becoming a mom comes with more responsibility, hence if the occasion does not call for it, busy mums are more accustomed to using less makeup and sometimes they hardly wear makeup in order to save time.

However, to be successful with this, they always ensure they have a good skin care routine that makes them look radiant in their natural looks.

wear less makeup - style secret

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