ways to be stylish with a small wardrobe as a mum
To build a great capsule wardrobe, identify your lifestyle, (especially where you spend most of your time)

Your style and fashion sense are all seen in your wardrobe.

Style affords everyone the opportunity to express their personal and professional style for everyone to see, whilst fashion is a popular or the latest style of clothing.

Hence, ‘style’ and ‘fashion’ are not the same. Style is personal to everyone and it is based on their preferences and desires. ‘

This is why, even with a small wardrobe, I personally believe everyone can find what works for them, and be happy with it.

In addition, there is absolutely no need for high end/expensive items or a closet full of clothes to achieve this, the important thing however, is the ability to have a sense of style that is uniquely yours.

Below, you will find five easy and realistic ways you can stay stylish as a mum even with a small wardrobe.

1.      Wear African Prints

As a mom, this is something that has worked for me personally, and kept me on the same level with contemporary outfits in a room.

The world loves African prints and you should too, as a result, take advantage of this by converting your favourite styles and designs of modern outfits you love and maybe cannot afford, using African prints.

Trust me you can never go wrong, your version might even be better appreciated, who knows!

Wear African Prints
African Print -@serwaaamihere

2.      Have Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe essentials are the core of any wardrobe, because they make pairing possible and easier.

They cover areas like clothes, foot wears, bags, jewelry etc.

Thus, not to sound generic over a list of these wardrobe essentials, identifying your lifestyle as a mom (what your routine is like) and environment would be a good determinant for an ideal closet essential for you.

Nonetheless, common examples include Blazers, simple pendant necklaces, a black classic handbag, shapewear, sandals, a black dress, white-buttoned down shirts, etc.

Ultimately, having your essentials is sure to guarantee you pulling those items piece by piece to create stylish looks.

wardrobe essentials
Wardrobe Essentials – @cashmereaffair

3.     Build A Capsule Wardrobe

To build a great capsule wardrobe, identify your lifestyle, (especially where you spend most of your time), environment and preferences, then get the clothes that meet these needs.

One thing a capsule wardrobe does is that it makes it possible to always have something right to wear for your occasions looking stylish.

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For example, someone that spends five (5) days in a week in corporate casuals as a result of work, should build a capsule wardrobe along those lines, noting and ensuring all items can be mixed and matched with ease to take away much guesswork.

Build a capsule wardrobe
A Capsule Wardrobe – @julitha.kabete

4.      Buy Neutrals

When shopping, consider buying more neutral colours like beige, white, black, grey brown etc.

This is because their earthly/warm tone easily blends with other colours and each other, making them great colour investments.

On the other hand, you will have more clothing options to work with and more stylish items to mix, match and pair.

Buy naturals
Naturals – @edaowofashion

5.     Plan your Outfit Ahead

It is one thing to look stylish, well put together and also look like a lot of effort has been put into an outfit.

Some advantages of outfit planning is that it saves you time from deciding what you have to wear; prevents repeating a cycle of clothes; and gives you enough time to think well and create fresh looks for yourself.

Hence if you want to always look your best and keep people guessing about how stylish you would look, this is one habit to emulate.

Plan Your outfit ahead

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