new mums outfits that can hide postpartum bellyLooking for new mums outfits that can help hide postpartum body or belly pouch? Here are some that you can explore.

Childbirth definitely has it perks when it comes to our bodies as moms; a tummy pouch here, fat around the arm there, expanded waistline and so on, as a result, we find ourselves magically wishing our pre-baby bodies back.

In as much as we are constantly advised to accept this new reality about our new body types, say some positive affirmations to feel great about ourselves, in reality it does not necessarily work.

I believe that even with such acceptance, wearing the right things that fit our new body types, covering our problem areas and make us feel good and confident is also an imperative part of this process.

In light of this, I thought to share six (6) staple hiding postpartum body and belly pouch outfits that work with all body types, leaving us feeling good and confident about ourselves.

Let’s get right into this new mums outfits.

1.      Flared Skirts & Dresses

These are great new mums outfits that just makes you feel amazing again.

Flares come in various forms, they come in pleats, gathers, A-line, asymmetrical etc.

However, one unique thing about them is that they work for all body types and are very good at giving curvy silhouettes (with a belt) and hiding belly fat.

One basic styling tips to implement on flares to look more stylish is cinching the waist with a belt. In turn, the waist looks slimmer and the body curvier,whilst also covering the mummy tummy.

New mums outfits - flared skirts dresses for hiding belly

2.      Shirt dresses

I personally love shirt dresses because of their versatility when it comes to where they can be worn to and also working for all body types.

The only style advice I have however is that when buying a shirt dress opt for those with more structure and silhouette for a more flattering look.

Also, to get the best out of these new mums outfits, rather than using the material belts that come with it, cinch your waist with a leather belt for a more curvy look.

new mums outfits - shirt dresses for hiding Postpartum

3.      High-Rise Pants

Here is one of the other great new mums outfits make you look amazing.

Anything high–rise works when it comes to hiding our mummy tummy, but denims work better, because their fabric has a more tendency of creating that snatched and smart outfit.

For sharp and well put together look accessorise with a belt.

high-rise pants for hiding Postpartum

4.      Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a no-brainer when it comes to hiding those trouble areas, but then they can also be stylish, for example Abayas, which are surprisingly everyone’s absolute favourite now.

Hence, I do not see why a stylish mum should not be on this trend and maximise this for her own personal purpose too.

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Fill your wardrobe with very nice ones and see yourself looking stylish and confident when you step out the house.

Here is an example of one of these new mums outfits.

maxi dresses for hiding Postpartum

5.      Layering

Layering is the art of wearing more than one piece of clothing and one major advantage about layering is that it instantly elevates a basic look to a chic look.

Great examples of layering items include long-line blazers, sweaters, denim or leather jackets, kimonos, wraps etc.

They are great new mums outfits, but the trick here is to wear a thinner inner layer.

Although, I would advise dark colours as your base because they have the ability to create a trimmer look.

layering dress

6.      Busy Tops

When it comes to tops I would say opt for tops that are flared from the waist down, tops with panels under the burst area, peplums, knotted tops etc. because they cover the tummy area better.

For a more flattering look opt for open necklines as opposed to a closed necklines and more structured tops as opposed to just loose-tops.

The idea here is to draw the eye away from the trouble area and put more focus on the other areas of the body.

busy tops


Titilade Ilesanmi
Titilade Ilesanmi

The author of this article Titilade Ilesanmi.

She is a Commercial Lawyer, Personal Style Consultant, writer, and a mum of two.

She is adept at providing value for women through optimum wardrobe efficiency and very passionate about helping moms build back their Style Confidence.

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