Natural Ways To Prevent Saggy Breasts
The bra you wear could be doing you harm and good [Photo Credit: Pexels]
Saggy breasts could be a source of body shaming for a woman.

Truly, every woman would love to have firm and perky breasts for as long as possible. But desirous as that is, some women still have saggy breasts.

Sadly, pregnancy, hormone fluctuations, and aging of the breast tissue and skin can easily cause your breasts to sag.

While it is possible to achieve dramatic results by consulting a medical professional and possibly undergoing plastic surgery, this is not the only route to moving from saggy breasts to firmer ones.

Here are natural ways to prevent saggy breasts.

1.      Practicing Good Posture

You may not know this, but the truth is that having your back hunched and your shoulders rolled forward will slacken your chest muscles. This will cause your breasts to droop.

When this happens often, it won’t be long before gravity will naturally begin to pull down on your breasts.

But by simply straightening your posture, keeping your back straight and your shoulders back, you will keep the muscles around your chest toned and prevent saggy breasts.

To combat this, you can place a pillow behind your back if you find yourself slouching in a chair.

And if you are sitting on the floor, lean your back against a wall to keep you from hunching over.

2.      Sleep On Your Back

If you’re in the habit of favouring one side while you sleep, you may find that the elevated breast sags and stretches more than the one against the mattress.

But by staying on your back, you can keep both breasts firmer longer.

Also, if you’re in the habit of going to bed with a bra on, you should stop.

While you may experience the immediate rewards of perkier breasts in the morning, you will actually be doing long-term damage to your breasts.

By wearing a bra to sleep, especially one with an underwire, could lead to saggy breasts in the long run.

Truly, what you are actually doing is steadily decreasing your breasts’ natural ability to self-lift.

3.      Replace Your Bras When The Supportive Bands Slacken

If the innermost clasp on the bra no longer provides a tight, supportive fit, it is time to replace them.

It is not best practice to use the same bra measurement for months unending.

This is because breast size can change with hormones, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations.

So, get sized for a new bra if your current bra is uncomfortable or too loose.

If not, at least make the clasps tighter as you go.

This means that if you normally wear your bra by hooking the loosest clasp, slowly start using the tighter clasps as the bra stretches.

This will help you get the most use out of your bra and prevent saggy breasts.

You can further maintain the life of your bras by clasping them before you wash them.

If you can’t hand wash them, ensure you use the gentle cycle and place them in a mesh laundry bag to avoid stretching them.

4.      Wear Well-fitted Bras While You Exercise

Exercising is a healthy habit for you, but just make sure to wear a fitted sports bra before heading out for a run.

During workout, your breasts may bounce between 4 and 15 cm.

This puts a strain on the connective tissue that attaches your breasts to your chest and the skin that covers your breast tissue.

Indeed, this could leave you with saggy breasts.

Thankfully, a properly fitted sports bra can hold your breasts in place, reduce the bouncing, and prevent the skin and ligaments from stretching.

Having the right sports bra will minimise the stress and strain exerted on the breast tissue and chest muscles.

Try and stay away from compression bras that flatten your breasts against your chest wall.

Compression bras might help reduce the up and down bouncing, but not the side-to-side movements because the bra is treating your breasts as a single moving unit.

Instead, go for an encapsulation bra that has separate molded cups that will support your breasts’ individual movement.

If you have large breasts, opt for underwire sports bras with thick straps.

5.      Avoid Exposing Your Chest To Sunlight For Long Periods Of Time

Having your chest in the sunlight, especially without the use of sunscreen, can dry out the tissue around your breasts and cause it to lose its elasticity, leading to saggy breasts.

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A fine and natural way to prevent this is to simply avoid wearing loose or low-cut tops that leave your chest region at the mercy of the sun.

If you naturally love wearing such clothes and perhaps have a lot of them in your wardrobe, just try doing so sparingly and always wear sunscreen.

6.      Avoid Weight Fluctuations Caused By Unstable Dieting

Going on and off your diet in a spiral manner can lead to stretch marks and inelastic skin. This automatically leads to saggy breasts.

When you put on weight, the skin around your breasts stretches.

If you quickly lose the gained weight, your breasts may appear to sag more because the skin stretched.

And when this continues over time, the weight fluctuation will cause your skin to lose its elasticity.

A way to prevent this is to try and come up with a realistic exercise and portion control regime that you can stick to.

This will help shatter the cycle of yo-yo dieting.

It is also possible to have weight fluctuations from causes other than unstable dieting; reasons like hormone influxes, stress, and illness, may not always be within your control to prevent.

Something you can is reconsider your dieting attitude.

7.      Keep Your Youth By Eating Lots Of Protein, Fresh Fruit And Vegetables

A natural way to prevent saggy breasts is to keep your skin resilient by eating enough protein.

The body uses protein to heal, and this includes damage to the skin, connective tissues, and muscles which will help your breasts resist gravity.

The average adult is required to eat two to three portions of a protein-rich food per day.

This can be meat, milk, fish, beans, eggs, soy, legumes, or nuts.

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Consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep your breast tissues young and healthy looking.

It is recommended that adults consume four servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables per day. 

8.      Applying Cold Water On Your Chest Can Prevent Saggy Breasts

Cold water or ice have the power to increase elasticity of the skin around your breasts.

If you shower with hot water, after each bath, be sure to rinse your breasts with cold water.

For the best results, pair using cold water on your breasts in addition to a normal exercise routine.

Since this method will only help the elasticity of the skin, it will not necessarily make your breasts firmer.

Firming your breasts will require exercises like bench presses, push-ups and arm raises.

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