How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Memorable Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

How do you make your child’s birthday memorable amid Coronavirus lockdown?

That’s the big question mums whose kids’ birthday falls during this Coronavirus lockdown period.

As my daughters, the triplets, turn a year older on April 16, I got thinking about the best way to make their birthday a memorable one even at a time like this.

In this article, I highlight some of the ways mums, like you and I, can celebrate our children’s birthday this period and make it memorable too.



Are you great at taking photos with your phones? Can you make DIY party props or photo backgrounds? If you can, now is the time to put your skills to the test by setting up a mini photo studio set and take lovely photos of your kids this period. If this is your baby’s first baby then its time to take beautiful photographs for keepsakes. Check out the following youtube links here and here  for more ideas.


What’s a birthday without a cake?! One of the best ways to make your child’s birthday memorable at this time is to ensure that a cake or at most baked treats are available.

Thankfully, some bakers are still open for business this Coronavirus period so take advantage of this to book early and ahead to avoid last-minute rush and disappointments. Thankfully, my neighbour, Jowiebakes, makes badass cakes and whats more?

Delivery won’t be an issue for me. You can also have some fun in the kitchen together with your kids by baking the cake together and also making a decorating video together and watch it later.

If you don’t know how to bake, you can always search for simple cake recipes online especially YouTube. Don’t forget to take tons of photos and shoot videos to preserve these memories.


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    Cook a special meal or your child’s favourite meal with a twist

I do know that times are hard and not many can afford to bake a cake or even afford to order one.

If this applies to you, there’s no need to feel sad or gloomy because things will always change for the better. That being said, you can simply prepare your child’s favourite dish and add your extra twist to it.

So whether you are preparing noodles or yam porridge just ensure you make it super special. And if you decide to prepare Jollof rice, then, by all means, go the extra mile and make it extra special.


                         Make it a YES day

By this I mean make it that day when you say YES to all your child’s wishes as long as it’s not out of place.

So, its the day you say YES to popcorn, fizzy drinks, ice cream, sweets, biscuits and extended screen time. Want ice cream thrice in a day? sure!

Want to watch cartoons for as long as you like? Sounds awesome! You want to choose all meals and outfits? Sure, YES.

It’s also a day when there will be no punishment, naughty corner or ‘discipline’. Yup! This one-day pass won’t cause any harm. You can also ask your child to make a wish and then see if you can grant it.


                      Have your child’s (school) friends send video messages 

So you know how your child typically celebrates his or her birthday in school? This tip works the same way albeit virtual.

To achieve this tip, you can liaise with your child’s teacher to send you the phone numbers of your child’s classmates’ parents or just the phone numbers of the parents of your child’s school besties. 

As soon as you get their numbers, you put a call across to them and then politely ask them to have their child (your child’s friends) send a video birthday message via Whatsapp. Your child’s teacher or school head can do the same too.

If you are great with apps like inShot or Tik Tok, you could interview your child’s friends by asking them funny questions about your child or just compile a collection of their dances or silly faces!

You can then compile these video clips into a  little movie so your child can relive the fun moments from their friends for years to come.

Quick tip, if you plan to adopt this tip, start the planning now and begin gathering the video clips.


                                        Zoom to the rescue

Here in Nigeria, Zoom video conferencing app is largely used for training and webinars however not many people know that it can also be used for teleconferencing and hosting virtual parties with family and friends at a time like this.


If you can go the extra mile, you can host a ZOOMing birthday party with all your child’s classmates who can join in on Zoom. It is a super cute idea and if you did bake or order a cake, you can have your child blow out the candles in the cake or cut it while the Zooming birthday party is in progress. 


You can also use other video apps like Whatsapp, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Skype. Invite your child’s friends and family members (favourite aunties or uncles) to participate in a birthday singalong, dance party or group chat.


                       Movie & Pizza night is also a great idea

Do you know your child’s favourite movies or cartoons? If you do, you can have the family lounge in the living room in the evening while enjoying popcorn, snacks, pizza, and drinks and just have a nice time.

You can also order the pizza box at a time like this and just have a great time right in your living room. This is another sure way to make your child’s birthday memorable amid Coronavirus lockdown


                                Decorate the house

It is best to decorate when your child is asleep to make the surprise extra special. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do this. Let your child wake up to surprising decor in the living room or their room.

Most supermarkets and online sites like Jumia and Supermart are still operating so you can just buy the decor items you will need and have them deliver it to you.

You can also order a bunch of balloons, a box of cupcakes or a delicious meal from their favourite restaurant delivered straight to your front door.

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                          Look at their baby photos together

Another inexpensive way to make your child’s birthday memorable amid Coronavirus Lockdown is to sit down together as a family and scroll through photos of holidays, birthdays, goofy photos, baby photographs and fun times you have shared as a family since your child was born. 

Another suggestion is to write a sweet note and place it under your child’s pillow or anywhere he or she can pick up and read.

As the Coronavirus Lockdown bites harder, parents are being encouraged to find creative alternatives to ensure their children have a special birthday celebration at a time like this. Remember, to also factor your child’s age when settling for any of these tips. Do remember to share photos or dm of the celebrations with me.