Aju Mbaise roots
Aju Mbaise photo via Connect Nigeria

Aju Mbaise. This name has become synonymous with post-pregnancy weight loss in Nigeria lately. Oftentimes, new mums spend a fortune on weight-loss products and flat tummy tea which give little or no results at all.

But the question is: Have you tried all methods? Have you tried taking natural foods and ultimately, have you tried this medicinal herb?

What you should know about Aju Mbaise

Aju Mbaise is an Igbo term that has its origin in roots and herbs, it is a combination of different herbs wrapped together to produce a potent remedy for weight loss.

Produced in a town named Mbaise, it is a combination of the bark of a medicinal tree, roots, and leaves of different herbs.

If you want to shed pregnancy weight effortlessly and without any harmful effect on your health, taking Aju Mbasie is worth considering.

This herb is effective for burning fat and having a sustainable weight loss whether it is pregnancy weight or otherwise.

When you take the herb after childbirth, it helps you regain your normal weight and body outlook in no time.

Losing pregnancy fat after giving birth becomes an easy thing to do with it at your disposal.

This effective weight loss solution relieves you from the stress of struggling to recover your beautiful physique before childbirth.

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Interestingly, the herb can be made into a herbal tea that women can drink to reduce pregnancy weight.

Drinking the tea regularly is important for effective weight loss, consistency helps. Below is how to make the tea;

  • Take a wrap of Aju Mbaise and rinse thoroughly so that it can be free from dirt. Do not untie the wrap, rinse it just as it is.
  • Drop the wrap of Aju Mbaise in a big pot filled with water.
  • Boil for 15 minutes, then remove the wrap and drain the water.
  • Sieve the water and it is ready for use.

How Aju Mbaise tea helps to shed pregnancy weight; 

  1. Taking the tea helps to remove blood residual (postpartum blood) and excess water in the womb after delivery.
  2. The herb aids in a thorough cleansing of the tummy.
  3. It reduces appetite which results in the effective burning of calories.
  4. It serves as a laxative that helps to reduce pregnancy fat.

Aside from Aju Mbaise, here are other natural ways that can help you shed pregnancy weight, they are; 

As a new mum, do not be afraid that drinking the Aju Mbaise tea while breastfeeding your child will harm the child. This is not so, it detoxifies nursing mothers and has no negative effect on the child.