A new report by Kaspersky Lab has revealed the online activities of children across Nigeria.

Children in Nigeria were most active across social media platforms at 35% with the most popular being Facebook, Google Mail, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram, the report said.

The research revealed that children spent more time on YouTube in particular, showing an increased interest in Netflix and o2tvseries.com for movies and series.

Children in the region also began to visit news sites more frequently, including sports.ndtv.com, accounting for 20% of activities.

This was then followed by video content and music at 29%.

Electronic commerce was also among top four categories as well: 7% of children showed their interest in exploring online stores for clothes and mobile devices. With regards to online stores, children in Nigeria visited Amazon the most.

It should be noted that alongside computer games (just under 1%), similar statistics where noted for children in Nigeria who also searched for adult-content websites. However, if their parents had blocked such sites, then the children’s attempts to visit these sites were unsuccessful.

The findings are based on statistics from the company’s Parental Control modules.

The research revealed what children in the region watched, listened to, purchased and searched for online.

The report shows anonymised statistics on websites visited from Windows PCs and Macs, and search activity on Windows PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices.

The stats were taken from Kaspersky Lab’s flagship products that have the Parental Control module switched on, and from Kaspersky Safe Kids, a standalone service installed for kids’ online protection.