online safety and kids internet usage
Online safety is a serious issue that parents should give attention to

By Onyinye Odih

Online safety is one term that most parents often unintentionally overlook just because they do not realise its importance.

In this day and age where the online space is fast replacing the real world, you need to take it seriously especially if you plan to give your child an internet-enabled phone

Changing and adapting is never a problem but just because we can, does not mean we should without a plan.

If you start eating a new meal and it tastes so good- without a plan, you will eat it every day and it will either lose its appeal or cause some other problems.

With the introduction to technology and the ongoing debate about what children should be doing or not doing online, the real problem in my opinion is giving children access to technology without a guide.

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Sometimes it is not our intention especially if we do not know what to do and so, I was excited when I found these resources that are targeted at boosting kids’ online safety.

Online Safety: How To Keep Kids Safe

So, how do you keep your kids safe online? Read on to find out how

You can ensure your children’s online safety by:

  • Providing useful information for them preferably before they start using the internet
  • Checking in and reminding them about the information that they have received
  • Helping them to see why it benefits them (sharing real-life experiences with them) and repeating this process constantly is a good way to help keep them safe.

Many children have a device and while it may seem like there is no real threat to their devices right now, consider them getting older and not taking adequate measure to secure their devices because they have never been taught- how to create a safe password or how to create a safe password for different accounts.

Create A Password

Making Password Activity (PDF Download)

Download the activity above to get started on teaching your child to create a password.

Tip for creating a password for different accounts:

  • Try using a sentence like (My Dog Started Eating A Bone At 5 years-MDSEABA5Y)
  • Replace letters with numbers example (MD23ABA5Y- I changed S to 2 and E TO 3
    add symbols (MD23AB@5Y)
  • Use this sentence for all accounts but change one letter or symbol for each account to make it easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

We can play tag on the field but tagging people without their consent online is another matter entirely.

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Tag Or Not (PDF Download)

Download the activity to help your child understand.

Is Code Language Safe?

The encrypted message, online short codes, etc is fast becoming a thing online but it’s not always safe.

Download PDF here

Use the activity above to explain to your child the advantages and disadvantages of using such language.

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