educational websites for kidsAre you searching for the best free apps and educational websites for kids? This article has got just the right answers for you.

Screen time doesn’t have to be devoid of educational value, you know.

Educational sites and apps are a great and fun way to keep your kids engaged and have them learn conveniently.

Below are a bunch of award-winning, free apps and educational websites for kids that will aid your kids- toddler, adolescent, and teenage child in learning about math, colours, science, reading, languages, technology, etc. in a fun, interactive environment.

 1.  Sesame Street

Your toddlers especially will love everything about Sesame Street’s online home. They can choose from hundreds of the show’s video clips and play games that help them learn alphabets and numbers, animal sounds, rhymes, colors, and so much more. It’s

2.  PBS Kids

All the educational shows your children watch on PBS has its own learning section through  From sing-a-long songs to sorting and counting games, free videos, and more. PBS Kids is one of the best free educational websites, apps for kids in town.

3.  Starfall

When a mum announces she’s looking for some good educational websites for her kids, it’s not long before  is mentioned. The site has been in existence since 2002 and enlightens your kids from letter recognition to reading plays, nonfiction, and comics.

4.  CoolMath  parades itself by the slogan: “an amusement park of math and more.” Children can play online math games that help them learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, money and more. CoolMath was designed with ages 13 and up in mind, but the sister site  is great for ages 3 to 12; while features math games for preschoolers.

5. TIME for Kids

Still on the lookout for more educational websites, apps for your kids? From the stable of the publishers of TIME magazine, is stuffed with interesting articles, infographics, and videos. Politics, geography, fashion, entertainment, sports, and health are just some of the topics featured. TIME for Kids isn’t as interactive as most of the other websites on this list of educational websites for kids, but the site does tackle subjects that are in the news now while being written for an audience of children.

6.  National Geographic Kids

The base to peep animal cameras, learn interesting facts about animals, see and share photos of nature, learn about different countries and try science experiments on These activities don’t even begin to scratch the surface of the National Geographic Kids website. There’s also a “Little Kids” section for the younger explorers in your home.

7.  The KIDZ Page has over 5,000 pages of learning games and activities. Online coloring pages, jigsaw puzzles and word games are just a few sections of this gigantic site. Each holiday has its own section of activities and games for your kids to enjoy all year long.

8.  How Stuff Works

If your child wants to know why the sun rises when and how it does, how a tornado forms, how a car is put together, or any number of other questions he can come up with spontaneously, is your go-to site. It breaks down subjects like autos, culture, entertainment, science, money, technology, geology, and more. Games, quizzes, and videos are also available to round out your children’s learning experience.

9.  Fun Brain

Fun Brain is another free educational website and apps for kids and you’ll want to bookmark it for them for life. Tech, Math, reading, online books and learning games are just some of the site’s many attractions. caters to toddlers up until their teen years. You too can even learn a thing or two from this website whilst managing your child’s screen time.

10.  Nick Jr.

Screen time is about to become so interesting with Nick Jr. On this site, you are sure to find thousands of printables, games and other activities your kids will enjoy at The games challenge your children to explore their creativity, play dress-up, learn new lyrics, assemble puzzles and tackle numbers and shape recognition.

11.  BBC History for Kids

Games, quizzes and fact sheets take kids on a journey to time past during screentime. Kids can set off on a learning adventure when they walk through ancient history, world history and histories of specific countries on the BBC History for Kids website-

12.  Learning Games for Kids

Finally, on our list of free educational websites, apps for kids is . It is all about games that teach kids almost every subject you can think of math, spelling, social studies, brain, science, art, vocabulary, literature and keyboarding games will get your kids excited to join the learning adventure.

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1.   Funbrain Jr.

Funbrain Jr. is a great place for kids to explore and learn. With interactive games, worksheets, videos and intriguing stories, this app is a city of content to keep your toddler engaged. Funbrain Jr is free, but there are in-app purchases, including the option to buy new levels. You can access it on Android and iOS devices.

2.  Poptropica

This free story-based game allows kids to customize their own avatars, complete quests to win prizes and play with friends in a safe online space during screen time. The app was designed with ages 6 to 12 in mind, and available on Android and iOS.

3.  Fish School

Fish School exposes and encourages your toddler to start grasping important concepts like letters, numbers, shapes, colors, patterns, and more. Brightly colored schools of fish form letters, shapes, and numbers 1–20, and your child can make the fish swim and do funny things with a simple touch and drag. This award-winning game is suitable for ages 2 upwards, and available on Android and iOS.

4.  PBS Kids Games

PBS has created hundreds of games based on its popular children’s shows for productive screen time. It’s is suitable for toddlers to teenagers, and available on Android and iOS.


PJ Masks all shout hooray! It’s time to be a hero and save the city from the villains, Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja, and the Ninjalinos. Your children will learn valuable social lessons like sharing and taking turns as they suit up as Gecko, Owlette or Cat Boy. The app is free, but additional levels cost $7.99 to unlock.

6.  Pizza Fractions

Encourage your kid to conquer her fear of fractions with this app. What more delicious way to illustrate the concept than with pizza? Pizza Fractions gives your child a visual approach to fractions with denominators 1–12 (excluding sevenths and elevenths), and adjustable difficulty levels let beginners start with the basics and progress as they learn. Trust me, math couldn’t get any tastier! For ages 6 and up, available on Android and iOS.

7.  Toca Kitchen Monsters

Toca Kitchen Monsters is the free version of the popular Toca Kitchen app. It is available on iOS only, but Toca Kitchen 1 and 2 are available for free on Android devices.

8.  ColorBand

During screen time, ColorBand allows your toddler/adolescent to explore art and music, as the app is about painting pictures with sound. Over 80 colours each have their own unique corresponding sound, and when your child is done painting, she can hear the music her artwork has created. Available only on iOS, and suitable for ages 3 and above.

9.  Vocabulary Spelling City

Spelling tests can be strenuous at any educational level, but Vocabulary Spelling City makes learning vocabulary and spelling fun with games like Word Unscramble and HangMouse. Students of all ages can use the free app to play nine games with 10 of the app’s most popular word lists. Suitable for ages 6 and up, the app is available on Android and iOS.

10.  Todo Math

Todo Math is designed to take your child on a daily math adventure. The free version contains a basic version of every game, and the full version is available on a subscription basis. Perfect for ages 5 and up, it is available to Android and iOS users.

11.  Thinking Blocks Multiplication

For your primary school youngster who’s keen on visual learning, this app shows them how to tackle multiplication word problems in a step-by-step process to arrive at the right answer. While so much of multiplication involves rote memorization, this app actually helps students understand the process of multiplication and when to apply it. Ages 7 and up, iOS users only.

12.  Scratch Jr.

Scratch Jr. teaches children as young as five the basics of coding. Designed by researchers at Tufts University and MIT, the app was inspired by the Scratch programming language, redesigned for a younger audience. Your child can make the app’s adorable characters move, jump, and even dance and sing by snapping together different programming blocks.

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In addition to learning how to code, he’ll also be learning problem solving, design, and how to create his own story. For Android and iOS audience.

13.  Awesome Eats by the Whole Foods Foundation

Awesome Eats is a fun, simple app that teaches kids healthy eating, pattern recognition and sorting. Players have to sort fruits and vegetables into baskets before they reach the end of the conveyor belt and hit the floor. Between levels, the app displays fun facts about healthy eating. Perfect for ages 5 to 10, it’s available to Android and iOS and Windows folks.

14.  Duolingo

Your youngster will be speaking foreign languages (French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, or Italian) in no time! PC Magazine awarded this app the Editors’ Choice for Language Learning. It’s full of bite-sized lessons geared toward visual learners. Kids (and adults) win badges for words learned and other achievements. Some languages even include conversation exercises with Duolingo’s bots to help learn to speak. For ages 5 and up, accessible on Android and iOS devices.

Happy productive fun time!