Monalisa Chinda and daughter, Tamar

When raising children, you have to be super intentional as a mum.

Thanks to our busy schedules, it has become increasingly difficult to skip those activities that build the mother-child bond.

Making and maintaining deep connections with our kids’ so important. Surprisingly, the simplest of things, when done consistently, is the way to reach this and achieve the sort of relationship we long for with our children.

No matter how challenging your schedule might be, below are 6 things Moms ought to do for their kids’ everyday.


Part of being a good mum when raising children is being a great friend.

Make time and conscious efforts to really connect with your kids. Spend at least an hour of each day with them. Show interest in all that concerns them. Ask about their day in school. If they liked their breakfast. Create time to gist with them and hear their opinions of matters, relevant or not. Have pillow fights, mimic cartoon characters; sit down and let them crawl onto your lap, and kiss your kids on the cheek as you tuck them into bed.

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Learn to put down your phone, stop doing the dishes and be present when your children are seeking attention. It may be to ask for an item they can get themselves or to report another sibling, but it matters a lot to them, the feeling that is taken seriously and being heard; for which we need to be fully present and display that they have our full attention.


There is no doubt we love our children, but love without kindness doesn’t feel very loving. As much as is possible, let your words and actions always portray kindness. Teach and show them how to be considerate and before they grow up and have to join the rest of the world where the people they meet might not be as kind.

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A mother’s words are powerful! Do your best to make sure that most of what you say to your children conveys your love and acceptance. Compliment them every day and no matter how pissed you get, never lash out and use abusive words on them.


Disciplining our children is best done calmly and with love. While screaming at them might feel good and appear to be effective, it’s really not. Keeping our cool while we shape our children helps us to discipline with firmness instead of harshness.


While it is eminent that we pray for our children and decree words of blessings into their lives daily, it is also vital we hold hands and pray with our children.

By this, we show them that we rely on God and that they can rely on Him too.