GenerationEquality Knorr leads 2020 IWD, delivers boxes of surprise to women of impact

Have you seen this hashtag of late – #GenerationEquality? It is a slogan that promotes gender equality as the world marks International Women’s Day 2020.

Interestingly, Nigeria’s leading seasoning brand, Unilever’s Knorr is also celebrating women with gifts of different kinds.

With the theme, #GenerationEquality. Knorr is marking the the International Women’s Day 2020 with exceptional Nigerian women in various walks of life.

Basically, the brand promotes gender equality and it celebrates and empowers women through various campaigns in the calendar year.

Gift Boxes Of Knorr Goodness

Also, it has taken its objective a step further by celebrating and deliberately reaching out to women who are trailblazers in the society.

This celebration will be a month-long activity for the brand.

Generation Equality #GenerationEqualityWith the theme Generation Equality (#GenerationEquity), Knorr Nigeria has shown how important women are in the society, especially in homes and amongst family and friends.

According to the brand, there the need for an equal society where women take key roles in decision making.

Definitely, it was a moment full of surprises, as women got unexpected gifts from the brand.

Gift boxes of Knorr Goodness were delivered to their doorsteps, with a heartfelt emotional letter of recognition.

The recipients were excited to be recognised for their good works. The said the gesture had encouraged them to even do more.

Championing Women Empowerment

Generation Equality #GenerationEquality and knorr gift box of goodnessThe founder of Visit a hospital, Rene, expressed her gratitude to the brand and extended her warm regards to other amazing women.

On her Twitter page, she posted: “Thank you so much Knorr Nigeria, thank you for honouring me and Visit a hospital. To all amazing women out there doing amazing things every day, keep being you… Happy International Women’s Day”.

Generation Equality and knorr gift box of goodnessSpeaking about celebrating Women, the Marketing Manager Savoury Unilever, Ghana/Nigeria, Nnenna Osi- Anugwa, shared her thoughts about impacts women make globally.

“It’s not just about celebrating women, it’s more of appreciating their impact in our societies.”

Also, she said “women have been an important part of every society and at Unilever, we take pride in celebrating and honouring our women.

“Knorr Nigeria has always been at the forefront, championing women empowerment and celebrating impactful women.

“We will not stop doing this; our women know how important we rate them and we are very thankful for all that they do,” she stated.

More Women To Get Gift Boxes

According to the brand, it would empower women throughout the month of March. The month is referred to as the month of women.

Meanwhile, if you have been doing great things you could be lucky to get a gift box.

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Also, Nnena added that “more women will be reached out to and celebrated across the country”.

Over the years, Knorr Nigeria has been instrumental in promoting a healthy society.

It focuses on women, empowering them with unique Knorr products and food recipes.

Also, the brand has created a unique taste experience for families across the country, making the seasoning cube a household brand for many.

Some ofthe women that benefited from #GenerationEquality Celebration

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