Nigerian TV dads who have our heartsThere’s nothing more heart-warming than a great father-child relationship. So, as Father’s Day approaches, we shine the light on some of Nigerian television’s most devoted dads.

1.   Solomon Aberuagba In My Siblings And I

my siblings and I on showmaxPatrick Doyle, one of the TV dads, fully embodies Solomon Aberuagba, a loving father and devoted husband in the Africa Magic family drama, My Siblings and I, streaming on Showmax.

The show centres around the Aberuagba family. It stars the baby of the house and resident gossip Angela, police officer Lily and the OCD Nnena.

Having retired from the army, Solomon now manages a farm and the family WhatsApp group. In this group he dishes everything from morning prayers to trending news.

Despite being a retired military officer, he shrugs off many of the associated cliches, relating with his children from a place of understanding and care.

My Siblings and I is produced by AMVCA-award-winning actress, Funke Akindele, who also stars on the show.

Catch new episodes of My Siblings and I weekdays on Showmax.

2.   Lucky Johnson In The Johnsons

the johnsons on showmaxCharles Inojie has amused Nigerians for years in his numerous Nollywood appearances.

He’s even more hilarious as Lucky Johnson in The Johnsons, patriarch of one of Nigeria’s most beloved television families.

Part-time inventor and full-time Nigerian dad, Lucky is the architect of his family’s numerous adventures, and even though many don’t go quite as planned, you can never question Lucky’s devotion to his children.

The Johnsons earned lead actor Samuel Ajibola, who plays Spiff, a 2017 AMVCA Best Actor award. The show also stars Nollywood veterans Chinedu Ikedieze, Ada Ameh and Kunle Bamtefa, who many Nigerians will remember as Chief in Fuji House of Commotion.

New episodes of The Johnsons are available for streaming weekdays on Showmax.

3.   Dabot In Halita

Halita tells the story of a young village girl who makes her way to the city, following her mother’s grave illness, and ends up working for the powerful and secretive Zamani family. But before Halita found herself mopping floors in the Zamani household, she was the apple of her father, Dabot’s eye.

Dabot is the picture of fatherly devotion on the show, whether it’s his determination for Halita to receive a proper education, despite the great lengths it took as they lived in a remote village, or in his unwavering support of her decisions.

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Also noteworthy is the relationship between Kaza Zamani and his children – King, Bobby and Dosha.

In these individual relationships, a reminder comes of the many ups and downs that can sometimes exist in father/child relationships; what remains key, however, is unfailing love and support.

4.    Ojomo In Riona

In the Itsekiri kingdom, a prophecy of doom comes to the king – a child born on the night of the dark moon will kill him.

The king, unwilling to die, orders the killing of all the children born on the night of the dark moon.

Thus, the stage is set for one of Nigeria’s most beloved epic shows, Riona.

Ojomo, who serves as a chief warrior to the king, gives us #GirlDad goals on the show.

He never fails to place his daughter Riona’s interests above all others.

He also equips her with the survival skills necessary to navigate her way in the kingdom.

Riona was produced by James Omokwe (also behind hit shows like Ajoche and Unbroken) and boasts an ensemble cast including Elvina Ibru, Najite Dede and Big Brother Naija Season 1 contestant, Frank Konwea.

Catch brand new episodes of Riona weekdays on Showmax.

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