Best sex positions to get pregnant

The best sex positions for pregnancy are those that allow for deeper penetration and access to the cervix. While no particular method has been proven to produce a pregnancy for sure, you want to do everything right in bed to maximise your chances of conceiving. And so, you might want to consider these sex positions to increase your odds of getting pregnant.


While there is no set position to guarantee pregnancy, it is important to take cognisance of some sexual positions like missionary, reverse cowgirl that help take advantage of gravity.  Once you and your partner have been confirmed ‘fit’ by your Doctor: your body mass index (BMI) is on point, you’re getting enough nutrients in your diet and you’re going easy on the alcohol, it wouldn’t hurt to add possible ‘best’ sex positions for pregnancy, to your entry. Think of it like it is- you have absolutely nothing to lose, and one or more babies (twins) to gain.


The missionary position with the man on top, puts gravity in your favor, as against the woman-on-top positions, where the sperm has to swim upstream. Basically, this position has the greatest likelihood of aligning a woman’s cervix with the upper end of her vagina, where semen pools after ejaculation. Having the cervical opening so close to sperm, no doubt boosts the odds of getting more sperm to the right place at the right time. For added effectiveness, place a pillow underneath your bottom, which can give an even more favorable angle for sperm.


wheelbarrow sex position-best position for pregnancy

I’ll admit that wheelbarrow is admittedly among the most adventurous sex positions to conceive a baby. You get into this position as if you’re about to be the wheelbarrow in a wheelbarrow race—hands either on the floor or bed; you can also rest on your elbows. Then your man grabs your legs and wraps them around his thighs and enters from behind, which permits for the deep penetration that can bring the sperm closer to the egg, thanks to the closeness to the cervix.

Legs on shoulders

leg on shoulder sex position-best position for pregnancy

This sex position is sort of an upgrade on the missionary sex style. You get in this position by hooking your legs on her partner’s shoulders during intercourse. In this state, his penis is drawn to your vagina by gravity, allowing the sperm to get so close to the cervix.

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CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)

coital alignment technique-best sex position for pregnancy

Not big on Missionary? This sensual position known to be effective in assisting female orgasm is your next call. You splay out her knees so your man’s lower torso fits between. Then, instead of thrusting, you two rock your pelvises together in rhythm—which still gives you the gravity-assisting effect of a missionary style, while letting sperm swim downstream, in favour of a possible pregnancy.

Reverse cowgirl

reverse cowgirl-best sex position for pregnancy

This female-favorite spin on a woman on top, which has you backing your partner’s face, puts you in control of the bumping, grinding and yes, the depth of the penetration. And when you’re in control of the action, you want to make sure you’re in the optimal position to have your partner’s swimmers closer to where they need to go. As a bonus, the reverse cowgirl position can make for a pretty wild ride too.

 Side-by-side scissors

side by side scissors-best sex position for pregnancy

In this position, you lie side by side, facing each other, as he enters you. It is a great way to connect and very intimately during sex. This position can also give the depth of penetration that may help the sperm reach the cervix quicker while getting your boost of happy hormones like endorphin and oxytocin for no extra charge.

Rear entry

This is another sex position that can get you pregnant. Here, you lie on your stomach and your man enters from behind, this is another good sex position for pregnancy, as it aids the penis reach more deeply in the vaginal opening.

Very similar to the doggy style, this position involves the man entering from behind, with the distinction being that you lie on your stomach and he lowers himself over her. Rear entry is a surefire way to get deep penetration, which is what you should aim for at this time.

Doggie style

doggy sex position

Any position that allows deep penetration will give the semen increased access to the cervix and may bring you a step closer to pregnancy.

This popular sex position has you resting on all fours with your spouse entering from behind. The Doggie-style may be a fantastic position for trying to get pregnant as it gives you a great depth of penetration, putting the head of the penis right at the cervical opening, ensuring those little swimmers find their way up to the egg.