We all make the common mistakes of giving baby/toddlers some everyday items to play with when they cry or when we need to distract them so we can work. Do you know which is safe? Check them out below:

1. Keys
Babies love the shininess and sounds of metal keys, but are they really okay for a baby to fiddle with? Keys are made of brass, which may contain small amounts of lead. Additionally, keys can cause injury to the mouth if the child falls while he’s sucking on them. Instead, stick to the plastic ones.

2. TV Remote
They contain batteries, which can be dangerous if ingested. Also, remote controls may have other small parts, which could break off and become a choking hazard.

3. IPADS/ other tablets
Giving baby an iPad to play with might seem totally natural, especially with so many kid-friendly apps out there. But the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)recommends that aside from video-chatting, babies under 18 months shouldn’t be exposed to screens, including tablets, smartphones and TVs.

4. Cellphones
Have you seen news reports that say cell phones have traces of poop on them? Knowing that cell phones are riddled with germs is probably reason enough not to let baby touch your phone or put it in her mouth. These phones that might be covered with germs could cause serious illness.

5. Money (Naira Notes)
Baby might come across your loose change lying on the ground or even reach for your bag but don’t let him. Naira notes or coins are a choking hazard and can cause tracheal, oesophagal or intestinal obstruction, paediatricians’ advice. Baby can play with a piggy bank instead.

6. Pens, Crayons& Markers
Most markers and pens are nontoxic but can cause injury if the child pokes themselves with it. If a baby puts the pen cap or crayon in her mouth, she could choke.

7. Baby wipes
if baby chews or tears pieces of the wipes off, it could result in a choking hazard. To distract baby while he’s getting his diaper changed, keep a teething ring or other age-appropriate toys nearby.

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