Our smart phones have become a lifesaver. They contain so many apps that every busy mom needs to have to make life easier and more productive. Did you know that there are apps for scheduling and for grocery shopping? Your android or iOS phone also have apps that remind you to pay bills, compare prices of products, and for recipes. Now, the great part is that they are all free. And not only that, you can find them on your android or iOS device . Here they are:

1.AnyList has an easy-to-use interface that allows you save and share multiple lists with friends and family. It also affords you the liberty to also save recipes and add items to your list using Siri or Reminders. It’s available for free on iOS

2. Grocery IQ is built for utter simplicity because it organises your shopping or grocery list. It also comes with an autocomplete feature that suggests food items as you type, which is great for busy moms like me. It is also available for free on iOS and android

3. Big Oven just wants you to cook more. The app has more than 250,000 recipes in its database for you to choose from. Don’t know what to look for specifically? Tell it what’s in your fridge, or what you’re browsing for in the grocery store, and it will send you recipes that you can make with those items you shopped for. The app also has a grocery list feature, so you can add and save items to scroll through once you hit the supermarket. It is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows device.

4. Evernote looks like just a list maker at first glance, but it is so much more than that. If you find yourself often piled up underneath heaps of papers where you scribble your ideas, Evernote can help you get organised. It allows you scan whole documents, insert photos and videos, add notes and then automatically sync everything to your computer to be stored online. You can also create to-do lists on the app, set reminders, take pictures as memory keepsakes, and everything is stored into Evernote It’s a great organisational tool great for busy moms who are trying to be more organised.

5. Remember the Milk is another option for a great to-do list app. It allows you to set reminders and priorities for tasks. One great benefit about installing ‘Remember the Milk’ is that you can set it to remind you to check an item off your list via several different media platforms such as email, Twitter, text message, iMessage, and their mobile app.

6. Google Calendar is one of the most recommended app for every busy mom This app is readily available to any mom who has a Gmail account or an android phone. You can set appointments with specific times -manage reminders, as well as share the calendar with anyone. The best part about Google Calendar is that it syncs with many other programs including other apps, software programs, and organizational tools. Many people use it as their go-to mobile calendar because of its ease of use and familiarity with other tools.

7.Cozi is an all around organizational tool that allows you to schedule appointments and reminders. You can even colour code each item according to each family member to make it easier to see who needs to be where at what time. It also has a grocery list and to-do list, as well as a recipe box. It has a journal where you can store pictures and notes so you don’t forget about those all-important little moments of your crazy days!

8: Google Keep is a great app for every list-makers out there. It allows you to make several different kinds of lists like to-do lists, grocery lists, gift ideas, and appointment reminders. One amazing feature is that you can set reminders by geo-location – so when you pull up to the grocery store Google Keep will remind you to pick up that gallon of milk or beverage. You are also able to share Google Keep with family members. They are able to add to lists or check stuff off, so you can see that it has been done and everyone can be on the same page.

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