Babies can’t eat solid foods like adults do so its important they not only feed on breast milk but nibble on nutritious finger foods. Here are 10 nutritious baby finger foods to consider:

Green Peas

Offer your baby some green peas. You can have it boiled, steamed, or simply frozen. Aside from the nutritional value of green peas, it also offers some form of relief to teething gums. You don’t need to worry about choking hazards, as green peas are very small for babies to handle.

Steamed or boiled fish

Cold-water fish such as Salmon or Titus are great examples of nutritional finger foods you can feed your baby. It’s easy to chew and very nutritious. These fish provides your baby with DHA, a fatty acid important for brain development in the first 24months

Thick Sticky rice cereal and mashed tomatoes

Yeah it’s a messy finger food, so keep the floor covered. This dish is rather an unconventional finger food but babies love self-feeding it. You should place a plastic mat under your bay’s high chair to prevent him or her from grabbing the food in her fist but remember playing with food is an important step that makes children become better learners.

Tender chopped meats

Just in case you are breastfeeding, meat is a smart source of iron and an important nutrient for babies. Meat is now recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a first solid food for babies. Make sure the meat is well cooked and well chopped into small pieces in order to avoid choking hazards.

Well-cooked beans

Full of protein fiber and folic acid, beans make for a very good finger food for babies. Make sure you rinse the beans properly before cooking in order to get rid of excessive sodium. Beans should be cooked properly and you can mash it once it’s tender. If you don’t want to mash the beans, ensure that it is soft enough for baby to swallow.


Noodles or pasta

Babies enjoy noodles or pasta because they are very delicious and easy to handle. Prepare noodles/pasta properly wash before cooking and ensure they are cut into smaller pieces for baby to swallow.

Soft fruits such as watermelon and peaches

Yes, you can also feed your baby fruits especially soft ones like watermelon, peaches and bananas. Cut the fruits into smaller pieces and for fruits with seeds in them like watermelon ensure you remove seeds before baby eats.

Scrambled eggs

The fact that it’s so easy to prepare makes it a wonder food. In the past, eggs were considered off limits for any child below one. We now know that eggs are completely safe and are also an excellent source of iron, protein and choline. They also serve as a source of finger food for babies.

Cucumber strips

Cucumber strips work wonders for soothing sore gums but they make seem hard for your baby to chew on. To prevent choking, cut cucumber into wide strips so that baby can gnaw on them without biting off too big a piece.

Pawpaw puree

Some infants have sensitive tummies. It may be helpful to give fruits a gentle steaming. This will help break down the sugars and fibers for easier digestion. Chunk pawpaw into small pieces and then steam for about 5-10minutes until very soft before blending or pureeing.