If you want to improve your child’s result in school one easy way is to work with your child’s teacher, as you pursue this goal.

People regard teachers as a parent’s substitute. In school, they assume the role of parents, and after school hours, the parents resume their duty.

The teachers and parents know the child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Building a sustainable relationship with your child’s teacher doesn’t start in one day.

Here are six ways to work with your child’s teacher for positive results.

1.    Establish A Cordial Relationship With Your Child’s Teacher

It involves getting to know your child’s teacher better and communicating effectively with the teacher.

Avoid dropping your child off at school; sometimes, it won’t hurt to go in and say hello to the teacher.

Be nice to the teacher. Some teachers need to be more appreciated, so your small gesture would go a long way.

Rome wasn’t built in a day; doing these would help the teacher soften a bit and also communicate with you.

2.    Get Involved

Understandably, teachers are paid to do their jobs, but as a parent, you don’t just sit back and watch.

You need to get involved with things that have to do with your child.

Help in any little way you can, like, revising the day’s work with your child, helping with assignments etc. This will also help the child improve.

3.    Work/Set Goals With The Teacher

This stage determines whether the relationship you have built with the teacher will yield good results.

After getting familiar with the teacher, you can meet physically or through any online medium and pen down your ideas to help the child grow.

This exercise is essential as it helps ensure your child’s improvement is noticeable and not the other way around.

4.    Do Not Look Down On The Teacher

Teachers are also humans with feelings.

It is imperative to build mutual respect with your child’s tutor. Do not talk or look down on the tutor.

Children are fond of picking up characters from their parents.

If you see a teacher as nothing or probably incapable of anything, your child might also know that teacher the same way you do, which might amount to disregard or the child not wanting to cooperate with the teacher involved.

Try offering words of encouragement to teachers instead of scornful words.

5.    Attending Parent-Teacher Forum/ Conference And Open Day

This event comes up on a specific date every term.

It involves parents meeting with the teacher in charge of their child and getting to know the child’s affairs in school.

During forums like this, parents meet with the teachers, discuss matters affecting the child, the child’s cooperation skills, and general issues concerning the child and proffer solutions to whatever problem.

Before you attend, prepare ahead and have a list of questions or suggestions to give at the PTA.

6.    Give Feedback

 It is necessary to keep your child’s tutor aware if there are any noticeable changes in the child. Show appreciation to the teacher and try as much as possible to avoid and manage conflicts with the teacher.

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