how to help my baby gain weight
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Weight Gain Tip For Babies

‘How to help my baby gain weight’ is one of the most discussed topics in the mum community. This A major reason why your child is losing weight is a lack of breakfast or an inappropriate one devoid of sufficient calories. In most cases, weight loss in children can be as a result of an underlying ailment. So you may want to ensure that your child is sickness-free. And if it turns out to be the case, the ailment needs to be treated before adequate nutrition follows.

Breakfast is an important meal. Children who eat quality breakfast do better in school, perform better and maintain a healthier weight.

Some parents may struggle with getting their children to eat in the morning, but breakfast can be quick and painless.

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The question is, what do you give them for breakfast? I always say, before you feed a child, ask yourself “what value is this food adding to this child”? Stomach satisfaction? Appetite quench? Taste appeal? Or a nutritional boost? I would go for the last option!

Giving your child a heavy breakfast may not be easy on them, hence the refusal you usually get.

A good breakfast porridge, like Quaker oats, is good, with or without a plate of boiled plantain or toast bread. It should be slow in releasing energy so as to carry them throughout the morning preventing wasting from occurring.

A good breakfast snack should follow as well between 10am to 12noon. One or two fingers of banana is fine for that. Kids play a lot and once their body is exhausted of all energy, wasting sets in…Weight loss!

Some simple yet nutritious breakfast options include

1. Whole-grain cereal

2. A glass of whole fat milk with toast bread or bread spread with nut butter.

3. Yoghurt with fresh fruit such as banana, apple, mango, pawpaw or avocado.

Hope you’ve gained some valuable tip on the ‘how to help my baby gain weight’ subject.

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