Do you want a chubby baby-

A chubby or chunky baby is the desire of many mums. As much as we long to have a chubby or a well-fed baby, we must also know when to exercise some caution in terms of a baby’s diet. More so, an obese baby faces a life-term of medical problems including obesity, Erb’s Palsy, and hypoglycemia.


A baby who is not eating well, or who needs a lot of calories, may experience problems such as the following:


1.Getting tired more easily.


2 Have trouble gaining weight.


3.Weight loss


To gain some weight and have more energy, these babies need to get more calories from what they eat and drink. It can be difficult to get a baby to eat more. But, it is possible to increase the number of calories in your baby’s meal. This is called energy boosting.


The three major ways to get your baby to become chubby and also eat more calories are:

Offer your baby foods that are highest in calories first such as breast milk (if you don’t breastfeed for a good reason, do contact me for an alternative), healthy infant cereals, and strained meat.


Offer your baby the lowest in calories meals such as pureed or mashed fruits/vegetables.


Add extra calories to your baby’s food


Here are some ways you can add extra calories to your baby’s food:

Mix infant cereal with expressed breast milk or formula instead of water.


  1. Add grounded meat and vegetables to your baby’s cereals


  1. Add 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) of unsalted or cooking oil to every 1/4 cup (60 ml or 2 oz) of your baby food


4-Add pureed fruit and plain homemade yoghurt to your baby cereals.


If you consciously observe the steps listed above, you would have us to thank for the chubbiness you will witness in your child in the next three months.


Mmachukwu Omonode is the founder of Somma’s Yummies.

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