Once again, Cartoon Network is proving that it is a multi-dimensional channel that not only offers appealing viewing opportunities for children but also unexpected, smart and creative real-life opportunities for its viewers. The PPG Awards have been created to celebrate and empower young girls in Africa between the ages of 9 and 14, who are looking for a platform to showcase their super-powers. These girls are ordinary little girls with superhero skills who have great ideas to change their world. Split into three categories, each representing The Powerpuff Girls’ characters, entrants will be able to submit projects in the Science and Tech InventorSocial Helper and Artistic Creator categories.

Cartoon Network is teaming up with the African arm of the international NGO, Save the Children who are pioneers for children’s rights as well as Africa’s very own Powerpuff Girl, Toya Delazy, in their quest to find some of Africa’s young, amazing, girl heroes. Each award category has been built on the inner power and special ability of each of the three super-cute, super-fierce Powerpuff Girls. The Buttercup Award targets the little girl who is excelling in science and technology, developing an invention that has raised the bar and turning her vision into a reality. The Bubbles Award will go to a little girl who is always using her imagination to create artistic pieces in any form, that is original and represents a girl’s empowerment and finally, The Blossom Award will be awarded to the entrant that is smart, positive and has a strong moral compass, someone who makes a remarkable difference for the greater good, teaches awe-inspiring lessons and wishes to take her idea further.

“The PPG Awards celebrates young African girls and their achievements. It aims to empower young girls to express themselves and never give up on their dreams” says Toya Delazy, Africa’s very own PowerPuff Girl. “We hope that the PPG Awards provide a platform to bring out the strength that every young African girl carries within her and allows her to become the amazing little superhero that she really is!”

Entries for the awards open from 15th August to 15th October 2018. Specific guidelines for each category and the terms and conditions for entry can be found HERE from Wednesday, 15th August 2018 when the competition goes live. Winners will be announced at the end of October and will receive their award at an awards ceremony held in Johannesburg in November 2018. Each winner, from each of the three categories, will receive $1500 to help bring their award-winning entry to life with the help of a dedicated mentor, including Toya Delazy as the Artistic Creator mentor.