This is a peculiar age in which kids can focus on fundamentals like math and literacy skills while also branching out into particular areas of interest. The educational YouTube channels on this list will encourage your child’s curiosity and interest in learning more.

National Geo Kids

My money’s on you/the kids already know and watch this channel.

Be it as it may, the National Geographic kids’ YouTube is the channel that brings the wonders of the natural world and human history to life.

Netflix Jr.

Again, here is another Educational YouTube channel kids between 5 and 10 enjoy.

With educational content tailored specifically to elementary school kids, Netflix Jr. offers short videos and full episodes all geared towards encouraging learning.

PBS Kids

From science experiments to storytime, to even explaining brain-racking topics in a kid-friendly way, PBS Kids has videos designed to engage kids in just about every subject under the sun.

Common Sense Media Education

This channel focuses on digital literacy, online safety and other essential lessons for navigating life in the 21st century.

Common Sense Education boasts of helping parents, teachers, and kids safely use technology and choose quality tools to enhance learning.


SciShow tackles questions about physics, outer space, chemistry, biology, and more through fun, investigative videos. The SciShow website is also in my best science websites for kids.

Simple History

Here, the vastness of history for kids; even for adults, can be a little overwhelming, and this is where this YouTube channel steps in.

Simple History keeps things, like the name suggests, simple for kids looking for just the facts about events, historical figures, and time periods.

Rosetta Stone

Basically, being able to hear a new language while learning it is essential. This is what makes the Rosetta Stone YouTube channel perfect.

The curators of this space offer quick demos in French, Spanish, and more to help supplement your kids’ language studies.

Be Smart

Yes, this sounds like a no-brainer, but for middle school-aged children, it’s especially important to hear:

“It’s Ok to be Smart.”

This PBS-sponsored channel tackles BIG questions that are sure to get kids and teens thinking.


Finally, this is a perfect one for middle and high school students.

Most importantly, this YouTube channel offers concise, informative tutorials on a wide range of math topics.

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If your child could use a little more support in math, Mathantics can help them ace their next challenge with 1-on-1 online math tutoring!

These are some of the educational YouTube channels you can confidently give your kids access to.

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