Searching for educational YouTube channels for preschoolers? You’d be surprised not only at how much is out there, but that quality preschool learning videos can really get little ones excited about learning math, language, science, and other skills.

Busy Beavers

The Busy Beavers YouTube channel teaches little children all about numbers, colours, spelling, and more, alongside cute characters.

Sesame Street

This one is a classic for a reason! Sesame Street has stood the test of time as a beloved TV show for decades, and now also appears like high-quality YouTube content for kids.

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From numbers to valuable life lessons, inspiring guests, and more, it’s hard to go wrong with Sesame Street.

ABC Mouse

ABCMouse offers a bunch of activities, songs, and animated stories for preschoolers and early elementary school students.


Alphablocks is all about stories, spelling phonics, and generally encouraging kids to explore the magical world of words.

The channel boasts 1.6M subscribers and interactive content kids love.

The DadLab

Renowned for fun experiments and project demos, the YouTube channel for Preschoolers is a great way to get youngsters excited about science.

DabLab emphasises learning through play and has become so popular, the creators published a book of hit activities.

We are optimistic that these YouTube Channels for preschoolers will be helpful in preparing your child for the learnings that are ahead.

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