Are you a pregnant or nursing mum? If you are, then, you can relate to our top 5 fashion tips for nursing mums:

Wear more loose-fitting clothing

You can never go wrong with loose fitting outfits when breastfeeding. This is because they support airflow as well as make you breathe better. Breastfeeding mums are often saddled with problems such as not breathing properly or difficulty in breathing as a result of what they wear. You may probably not notice it but loose fitting clothes makes for an easy access to your breasts just in case baby won’t stop crying. It makes breastfeeding easy for you and even your baby. Every style of clothing can be loose fitting whether, dresses, trousers, bras, skirts and even jackets.

Avoid clothing with openings far from breasts

Clothing with openings that are far from your breasts will only cause you inconvenience. In addition, your baby will end up crying for a longer period of time when you don’t feed him or her on time. As such, wearing clothes with zips and buttons at the back will only make it difficult for you when you have to feed your baby. In addition, you will also need help with your zips or button from anyone around you. That’s not only the problems associated with wearing clothes with zips and buttons at the back. You’ll also be exposing the most part of your torso which means you’re going semi-nude just because you want to feed your baby. Basically, wear clothes with openings, which are not too far from the breasts for easy access and comfort.

Consider a nursing bra

Breastfeeding changes your breasts and makes it very sensitive and as such there’s a need for you to consider a nursing bra. Nursing bras helps you breastfeed better without taking off your bra. Just the same way sports bra are better for athletes, nursing bras are better for breastfeeding moms.


 Consider a nursing cover

Just in case you’re wearing a cloth with zips and buttons at the back, in order to avoid going semi-nude you can use a nursing cover as it would help with covering you up and also your baby. A nursing cover is very important as no one wants you going naked all because you want to breastfeed.