congratulations mama as your lil baby of yesterday starts school for the 1st time. It’s one milestone that many parents look forward to. If it’s your first child, it’s gonna be an emotional one for you. ..
I cried on my babies’ 1st day at school and I think I must have called the teacher over 5 times on the first day. lol.
Most children cry while others don’t.
Here are a few tips for you.

1. If possible, arrive school a lil earlier so you can familiarise with the teacher & watch your baby settle in
before schools starts.
2. Feel free to tell the teacher you’re nervous and also hint that you will be calling or texting during school hours to check up on your child.

3. Because my hubby did the drop offs, he lingered a bit in their class (sat with them before sneaking out). But child psychologists advice that you don’t spend too much time when you do the dropoffs. They advise that you wave your child goodbye instead of sneaking out. The choice is totally up to you as circumstances differ from child to child.

Experts say, ‘Remind your child that you”ll be back to pick them up. “Leave with a big smile on your face, which conveys you’re not only concerned but you have confidence in your child’s ability to handle things.” Resist the urge to peep through the window after you wave goodbye. . Even if your child cried when you were leaving, he//she will stop after a while. Your child will not cry all day. In fact, chances are that your child will become comfortable playing with his or her peers in class.
If possible, speak with the teacher every other day to know how your child is adapting and how you can help make the transition tear-free.
Above all, trust your mummy instincts & make school fun(not a punishment for your child). The school should also make learning fun since children learn more through play.. Don’t forget to share your (child’s first day at school) experiences with us tomorrow. All the best mums❤️