How to create time to rest when there is no time
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As a mum, it almost always feels like your work is never really done. Between the kids’ homework, dance/football practice, cooking, and cleaning, it can feel like you barely have time to blink, let alone take time out of the day for yourself, just to rest.

Looking for how to create time to rest, de-stress, and recharge, when there’s no time? Read on for all the juicy tips.

1.      Get Intentional

As a mum, it is natural that you tend to put the needs of others before yourself on a daily basis. Start including yourself in the mix by setting aside time and funds each month to pamper yourself.

Of course, how you do this will depend on your budget and circumstances, but take a moment each month to look over your calendar and slot in some “me-time.”

This might translate to finally treating yourself to the spa, or going out to lunch with the girls. Getting a manicure, buying yourself that new shoe/dress in your online cart.

And no, scheduling in me-time doesn’t have to drastically shake up your normal schedule.

You could have a trusted relative or a nanny watch the kids, or plan a playdate where the kids can have fun while you and the other parents chit-chat over coffee.

2.      Take Advantage Of The Kids’ Bedtime

Lots of children never meet up to the recommended 10-13 hours of sleep and so, are sleep-deprived. Of course, tons of parents are, too.

This is why setting an earlier bedtime is in you and your children’s best interests.

Not only will everyone be more alert when they get a good night’s sleep, but good sleep hours also support physical and mental health.

This, added to the fact that when your children go to sleep earlier, you can get some much-needed rest, as well.

To take advantage of the kids’ bedtime to the fullest, create a blissful wind-down routine that you can look forward to.

This could be playing soft music as you prepare for bed, lighting some scented candles, pouring yourself a glass of wine, reading a book, running an indulgent bubble bath, etc.

PS: Ensure that your child’s bedtime and bedtime routine is realistic for you and them.

3.      Carve Out Small Blocks Of Time To Spend Alone

Religiously designate two or three 10-15-minute intervals during the day as “me-time.”

If you have a planner, schedule your personal time just like you would any other appointment.

The simple logic is that you’re more likely to stick to your plans if you commit to them beforehand.

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During your “me-time,” you might listen to some soothing music, enjoy a brunch, a quick workout, or simply lie on your back and meditate.

You are supposed to avoid doing anything productive during your alone time.

Such time is meant to be restorative and relaxing.

4.       Keep In Touch With Friends

Keeping in touch with friends has a vital part to play in creating time to rest when there is no time.

You’ll find that scheduling and looking forward to spending time with your friends can make you more focused to finish up with activities, just to meet up with that time.

Plus, spending time with friends can be a fun way to recharge.

Have your nanny/babysitter (or anyone you trust) come over so you can have an occasional afternoon out. Alternatively, you can plan activities with family friends so that all your kids can play together.

Ring your best buddies and say, “How about we make a weekly lunch, movie dates, girls’ night plan? We all need a break from routine… What do you think?” my money’s on & more people would say “yes” rather than “no”.

5.      Embrace Gratitude

The way it works, when you’re in the habit of being grateful for what you have, you’ll feel less stressed and more grounded. Gratitude is a powerful mood booster.

You could try writing a few lines in a gratitude journal every night, surrounding yourself with positive reminders, or just expressing your appreciation to the people in your life more often.

To maintain an attitude of gratitude, you may need to start distancing yourself from people who are critical, ungrateful, make you agitated, or otherwise harmful for you to be around.

6.      Lock The Door, Mama

Do you find that your kids keep intruding – “mummy this, mummy that,” whenever you want to take a few minutes to get some rest?

If you’re serious about getting time to rest when indeed there is none, be certain that setting boundaries around that, is vital.

Your kids can wait a few minutes, especially if they are younger and being taken by the nanny or someone else.

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For you, it could be a long shower or a quick check of what’s happening on social media while your spouse or house help is on duty.

Get comfortable with locking the door. It may seem off at first, but something that can momentarily restore the sanity of many mums is totally worth it.

In truth, 15 uninterrupted minutes can sometimes be the difference between a mother with no patience and a mother with enough patience to be sweet until bedtime.

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