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Most babies start teething 5- 7 months after birth. It is one of the most uncomfortable feelings for a baby to go through very much comparable to an adult expecting a tooth ache. So what can you do to relieve that adorable cutie’s pain? Thankfully there are safe home therapies that can sooth and relieve them from those sleepless nights and in turn make you sleep better at night.

Here are safe/home remedies for teething babies

  1. You do want to reduce the inflammation

Inflammation accounts for most of babies teething pains as it stimulates nerve ending around the growing tooth and result in pain. White foods such as flour and some dairy products usually contain refined sugar and they lead to inflammation so best avoid. Instead fresh fruits and vegetables will do the trick. Also try to ensure your baby is getting enough rest/sleep as crankiness can lead to elevated stress levels and in turn lead to inflammation of the gums.

  1. Cold and Pressure is another mother’s trick

An ever indispensable remedy at a mother’s disposal is cold and pressure. The cold helps numb the nerves around the gum and the pressure in turn sooths the gum. You can allow your baby chew on frozen CLEAN napkins, teether or mitten. If hygiene is a big concern for you try mashing cold vegetables or fruits so they can chew on.


  1. Herbal remedies

Going all natural is another way to ease your baby’s teething issues. Rosehip or Rosehaw extracts have been used by mothers for years in relieving toothaches and boosting the immune system. Chamomile is a well known remedy for teething pain, its anti inflammatory properties aids in soothing the gum pains. Cloves are another nature’s miracles it helps calm babies and relieves pain. These herbs can be made into a tea for easy consumption

  1. Breast feeding

Breast feeding is a proven effective method at dealing with baby teething. For some babies it keeps them in a relaxed mood and helps relieve the pain around the gum

  1. Facial massage

Facial massage can also help in relieving pain but some babies don’t react well to this. You can try circular motions and see if your baby loves it.

How did you help ease your baby’s teething discomfort?