Right nutrition for children peak 4-5-6
Peak 4-5-6 aids brain development in children

Nutrition appears to have come to the light in 2020, as a result of COVID-19.

By Christopher Raiwe

At its beginning, who could have fathomed the year 2020 would evolve quickly into a rollercoaster? A year full of surprises at every turn.

As a parent, you probably found yourself multitasking much more than you ever imagined you could, just to keep up!

On the flip side, this year helped us form stronger bonds with family.

For most parents like me, 2020 enabled us to pay more attention to the growth and progress of our children.

2020 also helped a lot of young parents internalise the fact that the first few years of a child’s life establish the stage for all future development and accomplishments.

And in a few days, it will be an end to a memorable year. So what can we do better in 2021?

One thing to prioritise is your child’s nutrition.

As a smart parent, how can you improve on ensuring what your child eats is packed with the right nutrients for their age?

“When you pay attention to the beginning of the story, you can change the whole story.” -Raffi Cavoukian,

Start 2021 strong!

Children need a consistently high supply of nutrients for physical growth, immune response, and healthy brain development.

For instance, 90% of brain growth happens in the first 5 years of life.

Recent studies have shown that in their early years, children uniquely form neural connections (simply put – connections that enable brain functions) at a stupendous rate – according to Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, more than 1 million every single second – a pace that is never repeated.

This miraculous building process is significantly influenced by good nutrition.

A DHA Diet

A key player in this process is DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid which plays an irreplaceable role in brain cell formation and visual development.

A lack of DHA in your child’s diet can cause unbridgeable delays in mental development and a lack of progress in learning at school.

The need for this nutrient in balanced diets cannot be overemphasized.

Looking for how to incorporate nutrient packed foods in your child’s diet?

Important Component Of a Right Nutrition – Milk

Milk is an important component of a balanced diet. This is because it can be a source of the majority of nutrients a child may need.

Smart parents out there looking to start their young one on a strong nutritional foot in 2021 should include milk in their child’s meals.

If you have a 4 year old, a good milk to try is Peak 456 growing milk for children.

It is specially formulated with DHA and a vast range of other essential nutrients to support the nutritional needs of children within the age of 4 to 6 years.

In a world with an increased demand for physical endurance and high immunity to infections in growing children, Peak 456 Growing Up Milk is also abundantly fortified with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals like lysine, tryptophan, zinc, selenium, iron, vitamins A, B, C, D, E etc. that support your child’s physical growth, development and overall immunity response.

2020 sharpened our awareness to so many aspects of child development.

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Really, we should take this heightened knowledge into 2021 with an unshakable sense of intention.

When choosing foods for your child, prioritise meals that support not just child’s physical development but their neurocognitive function as well as their immune system in your child.


Have a happy holiday and remember to stay safe and also take good care of yourself!

Only a smart and strong parent can raise a smart and strong child!